Test advice

I have been lifting for the past 6 month or so.
I ba e been told that i could take some ster to get to where i want to be quicker so.
1 i am worried about what the media says about it a d would like some advice on the risks of injecting myself.
2 can i keep any of the gains if i take it and the stop completely after im done
3 what should i take for building muscle. And also getting ripped
im 191cm 24%bf and 27yo

Diet and lifting experience first. Don’t waste your money.

Get the fuck out of here.

Try diet and training first

You my friend are the EPITOME of why people give anabolics a bad rep. You’re the exact type of person the media blows up about.

You’re too inexperienced, uneducated, and too fat. Get your diet down, Lose some fat, Learn how to train, and work your ass off for the next few years at least.

[quote]Reed wrote:
Get the fuck out of here.[/quote]