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Test Advice: Dose? Test E, Not Cyp?

Hi Guys,

I’m sure you’ve seen 100’s of similar posts by the likes of me but I would really appreciate some advice.

Anyhow, I’m 28 been lifting since I can remember, eat clean, train hard bla bla bla, and now want to take the “next step” due to platues.

I tried “testoton 400, multi Ester blend” a few months ago. Safe to say it nearly completely put me off. This was the first time I had pinned and I ended up in hospital with an infected shoulder and was given a course of antibiotics. Don’t know what the cause was but maybe it was due to the high blend in this which was Acetate 20mg, Prop 30mg, Phenyl 30mg, Cyp 120mg, Decanoate 200mg.

I have plucked up to trying again and now have been given “Testoviron - E 300mg”.
I have been advised by my source to start off at 300mg per week due to my first time, although reading up, this seems pointless as I will get all the same side affects with little results and I’m best starting off at around 400mg / 500mg per week? Furthermore as I am cautious because of my previous experience I decided to check the batch number on my testoviron and it is not recognising it on their website. When clicking on there contact page the website will not load.

Anyhow, I just don’t feel comfortable with my source and all of the above therefore i want to make my own decisions of what MG to use etc. My questions are;

  1. is 400 / 500mg per week suffice for my first time and 300mg too low?
  2. Is Test enthanate best to begin with and not cyp?

Any other feedback would be great and YES before anyway one says, you need to read up. YES I am but the above is quite bespoke.


OK so the high concentration test blend have a lot of PIP (post injection pain). I don’t recommend going over 250mg/ml. I also don’t like blends. Straight up Enth/Cyp are equally as good for long esters. Short ester cycles go with Prop. However Prop also has a lot of PIP hence why they typically only sell it in lower mg/ml concentrates. A good first cycle is 400-500mg/wk total. Ideally you split that up into two half doses spread first and mid week.

I like test e because it comes at 250 mg/ml usually for the same price as test c at 200 mg/ml. Both work just fine.

Thanks for the replies must of been the high dosage then in one shot.

I’ve got testoviron-e 300mg Pharmaqo. Still think the 300mg in 1ml is a too high dosage in one shot?
Doesn’t seem to be a load of blends in this, seems straight up Test E. Any further advice would be appreciated? Maybe get it down to 250mg as you guys have previously advised so I would be reducing the ML to less than 1 and pin twice a week totalling a 500mg weekly dosage? Or stick with the 300mg for once a week for now?

300 mg is reported to be okay. If it hurts, run the bottle under really hot water, or put it in a 1/2" of boiling water for awhile. Pip sometimes comes from the test crystalizing, heating will break it down.