Test a must?

I have been trying to figure out my next cycle for a while now and can’t decide… concerning the classes of different roids and stacks, is test a must in a stack. every says always test! test! more test. i understand test saturates the class I receptors and even class II at high doses(well over the one gram range) do i have to use test? or would a good combo of TA or Deca w/ dbol or abombs do better than like a gram of test and dbol? is there any point in those people doing 1g test 50mg dbol and 600mg deca? Wouldn’t it be a waste… better would be like 400mg test 300mg tren and 40mg dbol? Thanx bros!

Testosterone is not necessary for a good cycle. I’ve seen stunning results from athletes with cycles that did not include any testosterone, but only a good Class I and a good Class II, and even better results with more advanced athletes by having Winstrol as well as another Class II.

By the way, the Class I vs. Class II distinction works this way: If the androgen
works well at the androgen receptor it’s
Class I. If it doesn’t but it does work well
other ways, it’s Class II.

Almost all of the Class I steroids also happen
not to work well by the non-androgen receptor methods, it seems. Testosterone is an exception
and it covers all bases.

However, it’s not
that it saturates the androgen receptor quickly, but only at higher doses saturates
the non-AR mechanisms. Testosterone actually
has considerably less binding to the AR
than say Deca does, and it takes a lot of
testosterone to saturate the AR.

BTW, watch out for the idea of combining
testosterone with Anadrol as you mentioned
above. This is a poor combination in my book.
Anadrol is actually quite a friendly drug
in the company of things like Winstrol or
trenbolone. But not with testosterone. The
two go together like Hatfields and McCoys.
Not saying you won’t get results but it’s
no way to minimize your side effects.