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Test 600x? Real or BS?

Been doing some research on this but no right answer. By all means I know injectable test is better but is this stuff just bogus?

I’ve read that anything above 250mg is iffy. If it was 600mg it would hurt so bad I doubt you could use it.

I ran my own steroid UGL back in the day - not any more, I’m legit - so I can alswer this question with some authority.

It is possible to make a genuine 400mg/ml test blend (has to be a blend, since different esters do not ‘see’ each other) though it is viscous to draw and vicious for PIP.

I can make a 500mg/ml test single ester product but only with test undecanoate, which is so much ester and so little hotmone that it’s only about 250mg/ml actual hormone.

So my own view is that 600mg/ml is bullshit.