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Test 600


Can anyone tell me what blend is in Test 600 ???


Whatever it is, its gonna hurt like a bitch.


It is 600mg/mL of testosterone decanoate, and is painless.


That is seriously awesome gear if you can get your hands on it. Their T400 was painful as fuck, but so legit, I had a boner the whole time I was on and made huge progress.


Is it really painless if its decanoate? and is that the highest conc you can go with it before it starts to hurt?


If T400 and 450 is a blend of T prop., T Cyp. and T enant. i don't see why T600 would only be T decan. ???


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I can confirm it as fact that all decanoate esterfied gear can be be disolved at 600mg/ ml without out excessive use of ba or bb.

I also know that theses products exist:

deca 600
test 600
eq 600

designed for the bodybuilder who wants to reduce injection volumes while keeping mg content the same....

imagine just one injection of 2 mL is 1200 mg of gear!

2 separate injections is 2400mg of gear... these preparations definitely have some advantages, thats for sure.


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My supplier suggests i inject twice a week, 1 ml each injection. Should i do 1 x 2ml (1200mg) or 2 x 1ml (600mg) ??? If it's painfull i guess once a week will be ok :slightly_smiling: but 1200mg of test decan seems a bit high??? Should i be concerned about high water retention??? Can i stack it with tren ???


Asking your steroid dealer about how much to use is like asking your crack dealer how to much to use.

Do you not see the glaringly obvious conflict of interest between the dealer and consumer? If you dont I suggest you dont use these drugs and use the money to immediately buy a textbook on economics.


What do YOU suggest BONEZ217 ??? By the way, the dealer's a good friend of mine and that's what he injects. Just thought i'd get more feedback here !!! :wink:


How could I make a suggestion knowing next to nothing about you?


that suggestion looks fine to me.

Just keep in mind it is a very slow releasing ester, so it will build slowly and disperse slowly. Front loading may be a good idea if you want quicker results (i.e. injecting double what you would for the first 3 weeks of your cycle)

Let us know how it goes.


Thanks Prisoner. I'll keep you posted !!!