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Test 600 Worst Pain of My Life, Opinions?

I am hoping to get some opinions here. I injected 1cc of Test 600 (300e 300c blend) in my left glute. For 2 days I had no issues, no pain, no swelling. The third day came around and my ass cheek was so massive and swollen it was growing up my back. It has been 5 days since the original injection. I used 1 inch needle, sterile, no issues with the injection itself and I know i reached the muscle. I know i should have diluted it, but I thought since ive injected 3cc for years in my glutes with no issues that it would be fine. For the past 3 days the pain has been testing my sanity as it doesn’t matter what position i am in, the pain is constant. My ass cheek is insanely massive. I have been taking keflex in case of infection. I am hoping that it is just the gear crashing inside me and causing a major case of inflammation with which my body will resolve it on its own. I have had a heating pad on my glute for the past 3 days and bathing in hot baths. There is an insane peak where i had injected, literally the size of… not a golf ball, a baseball. I should also mention that there is pitting edema present, the surface itself is not sore, the pain feels like its within the mound of swelling. I had iced it periodically but stopped because I noticed it increased the pain. I read that if it is the high concentrate gear crashing that cold with slow the absorption process, so I have been torching my glute with heating pads, hot showers, hot tub, everything possible hoping that the crystals break down and this swelling goes away.

Has anyone else been as moronic as me and pinned high concentrate gear without diluting and experienced the gnarliest swelling ever and have it go away over time? I cant really hide it even through shorts, the swelling is so bad you can see it through clothing. Roast me, flame me, im aware i am an idiot for not diluting. Just hoping to get some others opinions and experiences messing around with this type of concentrate gear.

This is what 1ml contains
|Testosterone Cypionate|BP|300mg|
|Testosterone Enanthate|BP|300mg|
|Benzyl Alchohol|BP|2%|
|Benzyl Benzoate|BP|20%|
|Grape Seed Oil|BP|q.s|

Buy some GSO, a few 22mu filters, and a sterile vial. That’s the only solution. I’m cringing just thinking of that concentration. If you keep pinning that then you’re a braver man than I.

Pain is weakness leaving the body. Maybe divide your shots up every 3.5 days.

Not sure why you would have a mix of long ester test. I stay away from high concentrations due to the PIP. If you search injection pain it’s almost always with high blends.

Well, if it was 3days later I would suggest it is infected. Usually pip kicks in within 12 hours of the shot.

Im trying to decide if it is infected or just a crazy reaction to the high concentrate. My glute is so misshapen and deformed from just a single cc. It is literally 3 times the size of my other glute.
I have had an abscess in my delt that I have had to drain before, and this doesn’t quite remind me of that. I think what has me so shocked is just the amount of swelling i am seeing. It is my entire cheek, it goes up part of my back and half way down my leg, from just a single cc of test 600.

Have you ran a fever

If it’s abscess you’ll definitely know within the next day or two, you wouldn’t be able to move your leg an inch without crying in pain. It is definitely bizarre that you felt it 3 days later, I actually have gotten a really massive swelling where I thought it was infected and it’s gone away by itself.

No fever whatsoever. Im taking 500mg keflex 3 times a day just to be safe. The surface of the skin has no pain, the pain is within the swollen area. There is some discoloration but its hard to tell if its bruising, or the redness is from the heat ive been applying. I have been applying heat constantly as i have just been hoping that it is crystallized test sitting into the tissue somewhere that im struggling to breakdown.

This is the first time I have ever messed with test this high concentrate and not diluted it at all. I got my fingers crossed its just an adverse reaction coupled with some gnarly pip that will fix itself. I am competing near sacramento in late march so im hoping I don’t have to drain this thing with an 18g.

So if you have any other gear oil based that is us it to cut the test 600. That will help. Trust me. Typically high doses gear has high BA which causes these issues and can cause test flu as well.

Damn i didnt even think people made shit this concentrated. Def dilute it. Research the diff oils and remember some people are affected differently by certain oils so it might take some experimenting to find out which works best for you

A little update. The swelling has gone down some. The skin is very very very itchy from being stretched. Now that the swelling has gone down there is a gnarly looking huge mound maybe an inch below the injection site that is now visible because the swelling has gone down. It looks red and purple and all kinds of colors. Not very painful, and I have 0 signs of a fever or feeling feverish. Still hoping its just crystals cutting me up or something. Very very discolored though.

This could be an isolated absess still under the skin… Good news is if it is it should come to surface in time… Heat helps speed it up… Better this than one that gets into your blood and spreads

This is what it looks like. 1 week post injection. It looks horrible, but I know the injection was clean. Is there anyway at all that this could be from the shear potency of the test and having the crystallized hormone sit in my muscle tissue?

And i know it is hard to believe but yes, it actually has improved over the past couple of days and still looks like this. Since I have no fever, and used 1cc of non diluted test 600… maybe i am in denial but I feel there is a chance it will all get absorbed and go away :frowning_face:

Dayyum I thought that was your knee cap for a second man that’s crazy.
My apologies for not adding anything constructive :grin:

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It itches like a mofo.

I bet man, must be a bitch to sit down?

The first few days it didnt matter what position I was in, the pain was constant. Normally there is a position you can be in where you can find some relief but this was different. I feel like all signs point to infection but im hoping hoping hoping that since this high of concentrate is not normal, that it is just my body dealing with that. I am nottttt in the mood to poke around at this thing. The surface and actual skin doesn’t hurt like my normal glute shots do. I could slap this thing and it not hurt. Normally if my glute is bumped it knocks the wind out of me. That is why this is so confusing to me, I have never seen anything like this.