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Test 400 Soreness Questions

I have read a bunch of people complaining online about the soreness they get from it, even people stopping the cycle a couple of shots in due to it. Has anyone here used it and how bad really is it? I get zero pain from normal 250mg injections how would this compare?

Im in Australia and its hard as hell to get gear over here as it is and my options are limited, it will cost me the same amount to get 200mg from anyone else I know around here.

EDIT: Just been looking around the net and it seems to help if you stack something with it in the same shot, has anyone tried this?

Just cut it with a sterile oil or even a water based injectable like B12, it does seem to help in my opinion.

Its the preparation, to hold it in solution requires more solvents, hence the pain.

For me I just rotate injection sites, and inject big muscle groups only, quads, glutes…

Cool, I am planning on injecting 1ml Test 400, .75ml Tren E (200mg per ml) and .25ml of a B12 (1000mcg per ml) to make a 2ml shot, injecting E3D. I will tell you guys how it goes.

Thanks Westclock.

I’m from Aus and got my hands on test 500. Tell ya what that hurt like no injectable I’ve ever had. Cutting it with the B-12 is a good idea.

Shake it so that the oil will mix with the B12 water, like salad dressing. Tap all the little bubbles out after shaking.

A sterile oil is better, but those are harder to get in Aussy land.

Agian big muscle groups is key, glutes and high up on the quad, 4 sites total, its abusing the sites a bit, but I feel that on the big lower body muscles you can kinda swing it without too many issues.

Be warned, your still going to get a crippling inject every once in a while where a few days later you will be in horrible pain, even being careful, just walk it off, its not like lifting through inject pain will hurt anything, its superficial.

Warm your oil, inject slow, and massage the whole muscle and the point of inject, do it right and your good to roll most of the time even with crazy bad preparations that burn like hell.