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Test 400 Pain


I had heard rumors from a few guys at my gym that you could maybe heat up the test again in the oven to help evaporate some of the solvents (BA) in the gear to help with the crippling pain of this stuff. I have never tried it but was curious if anyone has had any results? I got some 400 that is proving good gains but painful as hell. I would add sterile oil but have no idea where to get it. Thanks for any info


to get sterile oil find a supplier online and get a .22um syringe filter,then use wesson brand veg oil from any store.
also store bought grapeseed oil works well if it says something like cold pressed or expeller pressed (this is what I use in all my brews is expeller pressed grapeseed found in any grocery store)


Thanks maddyD for the info. Is that oil somethin i can get anywhere online ya know without a script or somethin, because i currently do not have a trustworthy online source for such things.


Heh. Pretty sure this doesn't require a script, but maybe you guys really do have it hard over there in the States these days.

I do prefer grapeseed oil. I never use anything other than what you could find at your local Wal-Mart.

For the .22um, just google ".22um whatman syringe filter" and you'll find a supplier pretty quick. Don't forget to order a few sealed sterile vials and a few 10ml syringes along with MORE THAN ONE FILTER.

If you are not comfortable with the filtering process (it is extremely simple, but some are understandably nervous), you can also use google to find "sterile injectable oil."

Google. Google. Google.


The first time/first cycle of T400, the first couple of shots were so painful I couldn't train for over a week, the pain was excruciating.

Now, I can shoot T400 into my shoulders, glutes or quads (the only 6 sites I use) and barely feel a thing. This is without warming the oil up, but I do use slin pins for the front quads and shoulders.

I would follow the measures to mitigate pain offered here, but I would also expect the pain to decrease over time as your muscles adapt.

Good luck, I LOVE T400!


every time I order 1 filter thinking thats all I will need,that sucker breaks on me.


I honestly had no idea that any oil (wal mart shit) would work, I have never home brewed anything b4 or been around too many UG labs. I have always just had a guy hook me up in bulk throughout the years but things have changed and he has now moved so its like starting all over again. But thanks for all the good info fellas.


make sure the bottle says, "cold pressed" or "expeller pressed"
cheaper oils are extracted by a chemical process and there may still be trace chemicals there that may cause an issue