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Test 350 Gains


Just a question about test 350. I havent seen anything about the test 350 on any forum and am interested in using it in my next cycle.

After info if anyone has used test 350 and what gains and results they achieved.



christ i thought someone would have had something to say.



I'd say that it is similar enough to Sust, that you could read Sust experiences for a general idea.

In my opinion, I wouldn't use it unless I had to. Do you not have the other test available to you?


if you are talking about a multi estered test then the results would be similar to sustanon but it would have more test in it/mg...ths is usually done by using more esters to be able to get that much in a single ml.

it's a good product but you need to inject on a fairly regular basis...every other day would prob be fine...also keep in mind that it will stick around in your system longer than simple test enth will because there are some very long esters.


if it is simply 350mg/ml of test enth then it'll prob hurt like a mofo because it takes a lot of solvents to get that dissolved.


I believe all Test 350 should be:

Supply: 10ML Contents: per ml 350mg / ml
Testosterone Propionate 40mg / ml
Testosterone Enanthate 80mg / ml
Testosterone Isocaproate 70mg / ml
Testosterone Acetate 30 mg/ ml
Testosterone Decanoate 70mg/ ml
Testosterone Phenylpropionate 60mg / ml


If it is 350mg/ml Test Enanthate that is Mexican Vet grade don't bother with it. It is probably underdosed or fake.


I thought the Mexican Vet test was Test400?


I have no idea how many varieties there are. I have no reason to believe that there wouldn't be 400mg/ml or 250mg/ml in addition to the 350mg/ml stuff I've tried.


What the hell is the point in having test acetate in this blend? I would inject ED if this is what is in there


the acetate ester in that actually intrigues me, could be interesting


What do you mean? I have never seen test ace, so I think it is interesting, but do you think this combo is really necessary?


well ive never used test Ace so i couldnt really tell ya but i will be soon so ill be looking to brainstorm some ideas on how exactly to go about this i mean in theory this blend could be run just like normal sust but then you really wouldnt be taking FULL advantage of the acetate ester... in theory ED injects at even 1/2 mL a day would suffice


But isn't that kind of a pain in the ass (haha) to just get 15mg of test ace? My theory is, if you're going to inject ED, why not just do 100mg of test ace or prop for most guys.
Maybe im missing something though?


That is spot on there,now i take it you have used it this product before?

I had/have mix views about using this product just heard some bad things about it mostly just some slight side effects, but also heard it was really good test just wasnt too sure what to belive.

I all ready have 20ml of it and seems a waste not to use it so ive just been trying to get more info on it

good info thanks!!!


ester info easily found places..... and IFBB i see what you mean about the 15mg... i personally am planning on running my 6 ester blend EOD most likely. total of 700/week with a 1400mg frontload maybe


if its the blend that I am thinking it is, then I would say it is,despite what anyone says, really top notch stuff.
having tried it myself I can vouch for it. again this is IF its the same stuff, I dont know of anything besides that blend that has test ace in it so I am assuming,
you should really try for every day injections but EOD would also be ok .


No, I have not used it, I was just posting the info for the sake of the thread.

20ml isn't enough for a cycle of this injecting EOD. You may still need to acquire more gear.


I would inject it daily, and i see no need for more than 2-2.5ml of BA in this product. I believe all these tests hold at 400mg/ml at 2%BA/20%BB max.
This is bro knowledge from an old brewing site i once knew.

If I had some i'd use it for sure - i like sust/omna's etc personally.. Test is test.. but the ester length is often/usually what is decided once the goals of the cycle are determined on this site, and is not actually necessary.
(eg. Long esters for long cycles and less frequent injections - Decanoate for example and prop for short blasts of 6 weeks...)

With frontloading this protocol is avoided.

However for a nice long length cycle, i would run a med/high dose 8 week frontloaded cycle of Test350(+ another anabolic) and to account for the longer esters, switching to prop (+different anabolic) for the final 6-8 weeks to keep gains, and not crash during the wait for the decanoate ester to eliminate before PCT.

Even for those with less time or want for such a length of cycle (14-16wks) one could run 4 high dose (frontloaded) weeks and 4 prop weeks (with or without a stacked drug) giving a mere 8 week test cycle.

Or even just run it 4-6 weeks frontloaded, but be aware you could be suppressed another 4 or so weeks past the last injection (depending on the dose which would have to be high for a 4 week cycle - hence the ideas above for switching to prop for longer esters to dissipate)



EDIT: I realise the point of a multi-estered product is for an immediate and long lasting effect, but your immediate effect would only be 130ml per ml - ace, prop, phen - (prolly 260mg per cycle of 700mg) making a front load necessary as the longer esters wouldnt be at their peak either..

With a multi estered product the frontload would have to be gradual over a week if not injected ED. This is an ED product we all know, so in theory - or more accurately - i assume all esters should be brought to peak in the first shot, (which would be substantial and split over muscle groups i imagine).

I would suggest this is a complex item maybe for use by those more experienced with the use of a variety of drugs. JMO..

Brook :wink:

ps. its late, i'm 'tired' and i am not about to work out the frontload stats for such a drug blend! great blend tho...... :wink: