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Test 330. Estradiol <5. Free T and SHBG Normal

Total T is 330. Estradiol <5. Free T and SHBG right smack in the middle of the normal range.

I’m a healthy but overweight 25 lbs 41 yo with every low T symptom in the book.

So my question is how come my estradiol is so low along with my Total T. But the free test and shbg is normal. I’ve just started test c 100 mg weekly.

Also does anyone think I should go on hcg along with the test and should I immediately start arimidex or have my estradiol rechecked in a month to see if it’s in the normal range. These labs are confusing me. Thanks in advance.

Normal is something that is not normal when it comes to hormones and one has symptoms. you’ll need an AI most likely, I would also always use hCG too.

Thanks for the realonse

Thanks for the response

You should not introduce the AI until after your 6 week labs with your current level. Start with TRT and HCG only. See what it does to your E and then you can decide your dose of AI.

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Thanks again I appreciate the insight

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With natural guys, not on TRT, FT levels are changing a lot during the day. So any given LH/FSH test is not representative. Your TT is your better measure. As E2 is low, low FT–>E2 suggests low average FT.

So you have a doctor who is discussing T+AI+hCG?

Without LH/FSH, you have no idea if your pituitary output of LH/FSH is low or your testes are not working.

Labs: - you have some now
LH/FSH - MUST be done prior to TRT
fasting cholesterol
fasting glucose
fT4 [please not T3, T4]

Weight gain indicates a low metabolic rate and/or lifestyle issues. Thyroid hormones control your base metabolic rate and body temperature. If body temps are low, your overall thyroid function is low. You can check body temps as per the thyroid basics sticky. You can have thyroid problems from not using iodized salt and/or vitamins that list iodine+selenium.

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Hey. I just wanted today thanks and to let you know there is a small pharma company named Antares pharmaceutical (ATRS) that is developing a sub q injector for testosterone and all of their phase three pharmacokinetic trials have put testosterone in the 700-800 range. I known you quote some Canadian research stating sub q test is ok. Now you have fda approved clinicals saying it’s fine as well. They may be working on a needle free injector as well but that’s just heresay. I know you are into evidence based medicine. They plan to bring to market in late 2017. This is not stock advice FYI!! :blush:

Why is there any doubt?

T pellets are time release SQ.
Transdermal T products are SQ as they absorb.

New delivery systems are mostly focused on making an inexpensive drug more costly.

We have scores of guys here doing SC with great labs and people who have switched from IM to SC with similar lab results.

Sorry I don’t have any answers for you, but I also have low E2, and after just over a month of TRT (120mg/week) mine has gone from undetectable to 9.7pg/ml. That’s without any AI.