Test 250

Hey guys, new to T-Nation but I recently moved and got in good with some guys at the gym and he said he has access to Test 250 and Super Test. Looking for any insight on either. I have been looking online for information but there isn’t anything that is helping. Any information is appreciated. Thanks guys.

Are you reffering to particular brand name prodcuts?

Test 250 usually and likely reffers to Enanthate or Cypionate in 250mg’s/ml concentration. Very commonplace type product.

SuperTest I believe is a brand name of I don’t know which manufacturer. But I believe its like 400mg’s/ml. I think there are even higher concentrations like 500-550mg’s/ml of Test. I know other products like Deca and EQ can run as high as 700mg/ml.

Thanks for the info. Wasn’t sure what the Test 250 was. Looking around at different ideas for a cycle and a friend of mine mentioned test 250. Tried looking up information about it but couldnt find much. Appreciate it though.