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Test 250?


Hey all,

I recently found a source through the gym that I train at (yay). Just in perfect timing because I have a few buddies of mine that are wanting to gear up. However, after talking to this man for about 30 minutes on the phone, I had to give my friends the bad news.

It was an interesting conversation because I came to the conclusion that he knows nothing about steroids, yet, he is absolutely ripped. I mean, what kind of man injects the shit out of roids that has never heard of "PCT". I almost had a stroke.

I asked him what he had and he said test 250, not sustanon 250, from mexico. After a bit of research, I can only assume he has Tornel's Supertest 250 that comes in 10 cc bottles. I asked him what he would charge me, and he told me $275-300 for a bottle. Call me crazy but I just about had a second stroke right there. Is this guy trying to rip some serious cash out of my pocket or am I just a little ignorant about steroid prices on the black market?


Yes and yes


never heard of pct myself, what is it?
as far as price, price? money is no object if it is for yourself. some men get titty's and walk around in high heals. it ain't cheap.

look man, don't go crazy or anything. and do what is equivilent in iu's to 700mg's of test per week plus primobolin 300mgs every day or anything.
just because you can afford it. these things take reasearch.


that price is ridiculous


Find someone else. No need to be rude, just tell him you're not sure about it. The next time you see him and are 10-20 lbs heavier he'll get the idea.


Yeah I was thinking the same thing. But just for a future reference, how much would you guys pay for a 10 cc bottle of test 250 from mexico?


from what I've heard, a general idea might sustenon... same idea I guess or test enth (300mg/ml) for well under a hundred bucks (60-80). No idea what mexico gear goes for.


Go somewhere else.



Test 250 from mexico (brovel) is going for 95 per bottle here in Florida.


I would pay no more than $60

You can even find it as low as $25 if you look around.

The test could be enanthate or cypionate.

Find a new guy.


I got 2 10ml bottles of Test E 250ml/mg for my hampster. I paid 200 bucks for it with shipping. Really good clean stuff. Not vet or mexican grade. The prices are way too high for your mexican test 250, but don't buy something too cheap also.


Thanks for all your responses, those prices seem to be more reasonable, especially for test coming from mexico. I talked to him today, was honest and told him that I'm gonna look elsewhere for test because 300 dollars is ridiculous. I told him that I was gonna look for someone selling it around 100 or less, he looked at me and laughed. Funny thing is...5 minutes later, he told me that test was a cutter. Ha.


Should be about $30-$80 online.


check around about pricing, but it is possible he pays top dollar for his stuff and than be marking it up.
but i am sure you could find it cheaper.


shit price.

look elsewhere....like everyone else has suggested.

or find a powder source and make 5 times that amount for 10% of the price.