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Test 250 Frontloading


I want to cycle test250,deca, and d-bol.Dudes at the gym keep giving me mixed answers.This is what my cycle looks like.

week1-2 1250mgs test250,deca 600mgs,d-bol 40mgs
week 3-4 1000mgs test250,deca 600mgs,d-bol 40mgs
week 5-6 750mgs test250,deca600mgs,d-bol 50mgs
week 7-8 750mgs test250,deca 600mgs,d-bol 60mgs
week 9-10 500mgs test250,deca 600mgs,d-bol 60mgs
week 11-12 250mgs test250,deca 600mgs,d-bol 50mgs
week 13 d-bol 40mgs d-bol
week 14 d-bol 30mgs d-bol

Any advice on how to do a good mass cycle?


Taper off the deca before the test. Deca will stay in your system causing suppression longer than the test, so make sure you do this or you might end up with a case of deca dick. Your dbol doses run pretty high and long. 25mg should be enough... I get good results from just 15 mg - believe it or not! So either put a rest from your dbol in mid- cycle, or start it late or early, either way 8-10 weeks at the dosages you are planning for dbol will leave you extremely bloated, and not to mention the deadly dbol back pump!
Don't forget about ancillaries for during and post cylcle... Aromatase inhibitors? Nolvadex? HCG? Clomid?


The entire cycle is too long. That's also a lot of juice for someone that is obviously not very experienced as yourself. Why are you tapering the test down throughout the cycle? That is a shitload of dbol.

If it was my cycle, I would shorten it down to an 8-10 week cycle. Frontload the test and then run it at 500-750mg/wk and add the dbol wks 1-4 at 30mg/day. The deca dosage looks about right I suppose.


Cycle is too long. A mass cycle like that would go about 8 weeks long, 10 weeks TOPS! Listen to P-22, lose that deca before your test runs out, or stand to lose your girlfriend.

That 60mg of D-bol sounds overkill to me. In all my years of cycling on and off, I have NEVER hit my D-bol more than 40mg per day. When stacking it with test, and including that frontload, I wouldn't go more than 30-35mg. Good luck.


For some reason I thought your cycle was 8-10 weeks but now I see that it is 14! Thats kinda long. It looks to me like its overkill. You have enough gear for 2 cycles!


I am with Mass and Merlin on this one. DON'T taper the test as that is a waste. Shorten your cycle to 8-10 weeks MAX. Go with Mass on advice with the d-bol.


See the the thread: test only for a first cycle: There I have laid out an optimum kick-ass cycle plan. P-22