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Test 200

Hey t-mager’s i was wondering, if test-200 was any good, my friend says it will give the same effect ast prema test is this true? Also what should i pay for a 10 cc bottle. Thanks for your help and keep up the good work

Test-200 is testosterone enanthate. The onle brand I know of with that name is Brovel. Brovel is known for often being underdosed or contaminated. However, I have known plenty of people who have taken it with no problems. I would take a minimum of 500-600mg/wk. It might be a good idea to sterilize the bottle in a double boiler for a little while.
In Louisiana, it usually goes for $70-$100 a bottle.

Some people say that test is test but when it comes to brovel T-200 I do not agree alot of people have said that it is not a very " clean product" Primo testin is 250 mg and is a better product but it is more expensive

Definately go with the primotest. Have always seen good results with it, and am never concerned whether it is clean and properly dosed. I dont think you could say the same for T-200. I also question the dosage and reliability of aratest. I did a 6 weeks at 2-3 cc’s / wk and saw little gains. I did a follow up cycle with 2 Omna’s / week and saw very good gains. Moral: stick with what is know to be reliable, even if you have to pay a little more. You definately get what you pay for.

Well, T-200 and Primoteston are the same drug: Testosterone Enanthate. I tried T-200 years ago and had no problems. I have used Primoteston also. Of the two I would always choose Primoteston, soley because of its low odds of being counterfeited. In california, you can get it on the market for $10-15 per 250mg ampule or directly from mexico for $7. T-200 goes for around $35-50, in mexico and $50-75 in california. Price-wise it comes out to about the same. A bottle of T-200 has the equivelent of four Primoteston amps. If you are going to do it, I would suggest dosing like the article published a while back. 600mg per week for 16 weeks. To that I would add clomid during the cycle and finish with three-four weeks of Clomid at one 50mg tab daily. clomid can be purchased for $4.50 for 10 tabs in mexico or $10 on the market. Cheap insurance if you ask me.