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I am new to this site and hope someone can help me. My buddy convinced me to take t-250 while i am training. He did not, however, explain a cycle. I took it for appr. 4 weeks at 1cc a week. I then took t-200 for about three months straight, 1cc every 4 days. My nuts went from the size of walnuts to peas. he said this is normal, after i called him crying(not relly). I stopped in june of this year over 4 months ago. they are still 1/4 the size they should be or were. i heard sometimes it takes something to fire them up again. PLEASE HELP ME!!! It looks like i have no sac or nuts when i am having sex!!


Anthony Roberts posted a great post cylce therapy article at another site last week i think. You should be able to find it in the articles section (try Google).




fucking brutal. 4 months on test, with no AI at all, no HCG or at least tribulus during,and definately no PCT from the sounds of it. what the fuck did you expect???!!! oh yeah, thats right, you didn't bother learning ANYTHING about AAS before you dove in head first.....serves your dumb ass right.

do a search on PCT and follow through with it. consider running some HRT in conjunction with an HCG protocol for the time being.


The funny thing is, this re-re shot just enough test to shut down endogenous production. I wonder if he saw anymore gains than a proper diet would have alloted.


Holy jesus. Dude you need to go to a doctor immediately, do not fuck around. You probably need Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) in conjunction with Human Chronic Gonadotropin (HCG). Tell your doctor what you told us, you will get proper treatment from a professional. That is what you REALLY need. Don't listen to what anyone tells you about what to do now because they can't give you a medical degree or the proper knowledge to take this on by yourself. Let me recapitulate ... go to a doctor- get treatment.


You can preach and teach to guys all you want, but they are going to do dumb shit.
Agree with Lattimus. Seek help asap.
Live and Learn.


Best of luck. Live and learn


As much as I disagree with ProfessorX I am going to say if you are afraid of the going to the doctor try and PM the Prof and tell him the moronic mistake you made and maybe he can direct you properly.


i think he is far from fucked. maybe fucked up for being a tool, but not fucked. he said he's able to have sex, so he has some sort of normal function going on, which means that his endogenous T has most likely rebounded to low-normal levels.

HRT with a proper HCG protocol is the way to go IMO. Then follow up with a hardcore, agressive, no holds barred PCT. done and done.

go to the doc if you wish. a medical degree in no way garauntees REAL APPLICABLE knowledge of AAS culture. quite frankly, some bros on this board and others could give any doctor a run for his/her money when it comes to applied knowledge concerning AAS.

that being said, it can't hurt to go to the doc. just be somewhat cautious and get opinions on the advice given.


Juice, you are absolutely right now that I think about it. The normal family practice doctor isn't going to know shit about AAS.