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Test 150 Injection Pain

I want to know how to help with the pain after I pin. Is it possible? Or does every type of test feel different?? Please any help is appreciated

It would be helpful if you provided a bit more detail here.
Is your gear prescription or UGL? How much are you injecting at a time? What gauge pin are you using? Are you following sterile injection protocols? What kind of pain are you experiencing?

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UGL, 23G,1cc. Yes I’m following all protocols. Sore pain around pin site. Like if it’s bruised under skin. I might have injected a little too fast. Will def go slower on next one. Also this was just the first injection of this test. The previous test didn’t make me hurt.

Gear from some UGLs can be sketchy as you have no idea what’s really inside the vial or how clean the ‘facility’ was where it was made or how skilled the cook was. It may have a higher percentage of solvents than your last batch (then again, it may be pure rat poison, how would you know).

Dayyammm I love prop150 but that sH*t hurts …lol

What test was the 150? I would think it would be prop but if they have issues with prop 100 holding in the oil and it already hurts a lot of guys then someone making prop 150 is asking for PIP.
On the flip side I can’t really see anyone making cyp or enanthate at 150. Maybe cyp at 150 if they wanted to try and make it with less solvents which would make it more likely to crash once injected and result in terrible PIP.

So what ester was it?

It’s UGL so not sure. But I will ask. I did have the vial in my hand for 5 min to warm it up. Then after injection I sat on a heating pad(like a dam old man) lol. Anyway the pip is not that bad today.

The bottle doesn’t say what ester is in it?!?!?!?
Did a friend home brew it for you?