Test 1-4 Weeks then Primo for 3

Is there any advantage to running a cycle, all Test enanthate or other long acting androgen for the first month of a cycle, then switch over to primo only for three weeks?

With my crappy newbie knowledge I would have thought it might be a way to be able to still get the positive effects of some test as it tapers off since the last injection, whilst getting anabolic effects from primo, without suppressing the hpta too much.
If that is correct then the time between cycles after PCt could surely be lessened?

I know getting genuine Primo is difficult to obtain due to fakery and that it is very expensive(whether fake or real). I’m also guessing I am probably way off the mark as none of the Vets seem to be recommending anything like my suggestion to the best of my knowledge. Thanks.

completely incorrect. Just cycle properly

First, unless you are running propionate, 4 weeks of test is worthless.

Second, the active half-life of enanthate is such that any anabolic effect is pretty much gone after a week. The next couple of weeks are just clearing your system.

Third, if you want to add to a cycle then try masteron (poor man’s primo). Primo is just not worth it, unless you have $$$ and TRUST your supplier.

Fourth, although I haven’t run primo, everything that I have read is to run it for 12 weeks plus.

Your just outthinking yourself. Do the basic 500mg/week test cycle with proper support and see how that works. If you can’t afford that, spend your time making more money.

4 weeks of Test E = worthless. By the time your levels build up, you discontinue it so there’s no time to cruise at the levels you’d hope to be at for quality gains. Therefore creating a roller coaster effect of your hormones for no reason. Dumb.

If you’re worried about supression then don’t run a cycle. Your HPTA will be suppressed once the syringe is emptied. Otherwise do what GoCal recommended and do simple Test only cycle.

AI and PCT too.

Okay, thanks guys.
I guess I was interested in reducing the 10week cycle, because I felt like after about 7 weeks or so on my first cycle I plateaued around then. Despite increasing from 600 to 800mgs in the last 3 weeks I didn’t seem to put on any more weight or get stronger. All I really noticed was an pretty strong increase of acne on chest back and shoulders.
As for htpa, my balls didn’t shrink much at all on cycle. They are smaller but probably around 75% of normal, and most of it happened in the week after the last injection, and the next week, before PCT.
Last couple of weeks I felt absolutely fantastic after the cycle, no pip(800mgs of 400mg/ml stings the shit out of me, leaves a raised welt about the size of an outstrectched hand on my glute for about 4 days) but still felt all the benefits of the test tapering off as it got out of my system
I will see if I can get my hands on some masteron.