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Tess Therapy and Climax Dificulties - WHY

I have the problem of climaxing fast. But each time I was on TRT it took approx 4 weeks and then suddenly my stamina went through the roof, I could control my climax and it was at time difficult to climax, which I was fine with, as my wife is also…So this climax control time period would last a few weeks and slowly go away. I was extremely happy during these time periods. It changed my complete outlook and honestly I was psychologically a new man.

SO, I want to maintain that climax control. If I go on TRT again, is there a way of maintaining that stamina/climax control level all the time by testing my levels at that “Stamina” time period and trying to maintain those levels for the long term?

I don’t need TRT for working out, just to increase libido and stamina…Any suggestions or doctors to go to would be greatly appreciated.

You need to give more info.

Are you on TRT, or did you just use it for 4 weeks?

What protocol are you using, injection (self/ or doctor)? What dosage are you taking? Are you taking any other medications (AI, HCG)?

I try and keep a steady state of mg of Testosterone Cyp. in my system. I self-inject 3 times a week because I want to keep any swings to minimum. My goal is to feel my best with the smallest dosage possible. Too much, or too little seems to drive most of my issues. So like Goldie Locks when I find “just right” I try to keep at that level by using a consistent protocol of medication looking at the half-life of the medicine that I am using.