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Tesosterone Cypionate

anyone know how long 400mg woudl last in your system before you need another injection?

I take 1cc every ten days do you have a problem with water retaining issue since i been taking the shots my lower legs are swollen for about 3 days.


personally i wouldn’t inject 1 cc every 10 days.

1 cc twice per week would be more effective.

follow proper injection protocols and you shouldn’t experience too much swelling and/or pain.

steroid newbie thread…check it out. steroids for dummies will be helpful aswell. use the search engine.

I think both these guys are on HRT. Hence the dosing protocol. To answer your question bro, Take in account the half-life, then crunch the numbers. I’m not going to do it for you, but it’s a couple weeks.

Yeah I am HRT, my doc and I differ about time span between injections… 1 400 a month or 200 2x a month…
i will research it thanks :slight_smile:

my bad, i didn’t know you were on HRT. i believe test cyp’s half life is 12 days (someone correct me if i’m wrong). as mentioned already, thats where you should start when determining frequency of injections.

good luck.

Thanks bro,
After some net look up and calculation I came to about 12-15 days, If I were getting 400mg/2ml once a month I am getting a big dose that lasts only half the month?? anyone else ever run across this? or do you think this is a “loading”? My doc and I seem to differ the dose… I agree with 2ml every 2 weeks, I definatley felt it when I got it for about a week.
thanks again.

The more frequent your injects the more stable your blood concentrations will be of any given drug.
You should be injecting at half way through the half life to keep your levels pretty even. So to keep it simple just say the half life of cyp is 12days. This would mean you should be injectining every six days to keep your levels from spiking up high and then bottoming out before your next inject.
If you can only get 400mg test cyp a month then that sucks but, you should inject that once a week at 100mg to keep your levels even. 200mg+ every 6days would be ideal.
Just my thoughts.