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Tesla Out of Gas


Well it appears that bubble is over and the future projections are not good.

After all the hype and the vastly overvalued stock, it appears Tesla is coming back down to Earth and it's future is not all that rosey.


One burned up right by my Dad's work a few weeks ago after picking up a spark when it hit something metal. He talked to the firefighters who responded and they literally couldn't put it out probably because of all the magnesium. That is a big problem.




So short it.



This doesn't make it seem all bad. Haven't been following the situation too closely with Tesla. Musk definitely seems to be a borderline genius though.


Teslas, ''Smart Cars'', etc....Proving Once again no matter how many Libs want us driving
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Yes, by all means, short it. Short it with everything you've got and see how that turns out.


The Model S has half inch thick armor plating on it's underside. It took a metal rod in a circumstance of freak leverage to puncture it and cause the battery to catch fire. No ICE car would have withstood the same thing better than a Tesla.

The fire burned for so long because the fire fighters cracked open the casing exposing the battery to oxygen. That's not the proper way to handle a lithium battery fire. This information is being disseminated to firefighters and they are learning the proper way to handle it (for the very rare times it does happen). The way the battery packs are segmented prevented the fire from spreading to other battery packs, despite the length of the burn. The car alerted the driver to a problem and advised him to pull over and exit the vehicle which he did.

Tesla makes the best and safest car in the world and will sale every single car it can produce for years to come. All "speed bumps" are buying opportunities. I bought 40 more shares at 171. I would have bought more shares yesterday if I had been watching.


Don't you defend them on edge!

Didn't you already double your investment on Tesla this year? I feel like I read that somewhere on here.


I saw the above quote from the owner somewhere. He might be right. I don't know. I'm curious what NHTSA is going to say about it. Tesla also might want to train all the fire fighters or at least send out a memo because they were spooked and apparently didn't know how to deal with it.


8 governors sign pledge to add 3.3 million zero-emission cars by 2025.

One question, how do you force a market when there is none ?



Couldn't have had anything to do with an oil embargo and people not wanting gas guzzlers.


One of them ain't gonna be me. V8's burning dinosaurs and ancient flora for me.....


Yep. Have you read through his "hyperloop" pdf? It's a very neat concept and you get the feel for his intelligence level being...well, sky high.

Also, I like his writing style--it shows well like Tim Pattersons on ad copy, only Musk and his engineering concepts.


Easier said than done, doing a training will be costly for them. Not to mention many departments in the US may not be equipped properly.

But there is an old saying, "All fire goes out - eventually!"


My initial investment doubled for a few weeks but has dropped back below a double. I bought 100 shares for just under 88. I also bought 40 more shares at 171, so that brings my average up quite a bit. I'll sit tight for a while to see what happens with market sentiment. It could drop to a hundred bucks without worrying me too much. As long as the current fundamentals are in place all is good regardless off the price.

The fundamentals I'm talking about are; buyers are lining up and waiting months to get their car, and other car makers are failing to compete or even just plain giving up. Toyota, which owns 2% of Tesla, has already thrown in the towel and is now looking at natural gas and hydrogen alternatives (LMAO). Nissan is the only competitor doing a decent job in the ev market and their product, the leaf, is not performance, is not luxurious and it only goes 100 miles. They are also not even trying to establish infrastructure.


Max, there's a market. You're in LA, get your ass down to one off the show rooms and give it a test drive. Then you will understand why there is a market.

As matter of fact, in the thread I started in GAL, a regular member - I can't remember his user name but he is a regular, was a skeptic at first, then after getting a test drive he went and bought stock!


I don't see how I screwed up the quotes. It looks right to me.


An electric car that has very few charging stations, takes longer to charge than I want it to, and costs $60k for the low end model.

Edge, this is nothing more than a weekend toy for rich people who want to be nerdy and chic, while being silently dismissive towards everyone else.

Just wait til you see one of these Tesla owners sitting in LA traffic, watching their battery reserve sink faster than you can say "hope and change."

Take a look at what happens when a Tesla was given the task of going from LA to Vegas (about 275 miles), not the wet dream it was cracked up to be. BTW, I did this same drive 2 weekends ago, in 4 hrs with $35 gas the whole trip.


Right now it's a town car. You would not buy a Tesla if you needed it for long road trips like going to Vegas. This is a car that sits in your garage overnight and wakes up to a full charge for getting you around LA all day. I lived in LA for 11 years and there was rarely a day I went more than 200 miles. On average I went about 250 miles in four days.

For right now it's a town car but that will change in just a few years. They will extend the range, increase charging speed and build out the network of super-charging stations. Two years from now, that KBB guy would not have to settle for that ultra slow charger he used when he first got to Vegas. In two years that same trip will be a breeze, especially with no fluke nail in the tire incident.