Tesamorelin Experience? Looking for Advice; Peptides for HGH

As you guys know you can research this stuff to death; long story short I’m looking at peptides to increase the natural secretion of HGH for a post-surgery supplement protocol.

I’m really intrigued by Tesamorelin as it also has the added benefit of burning fat, specifically stubborn fat in the stomach area; the recommended dose seems to be around 1.5-2 mg per day…is this inline with what you guys have used or recommend?

Do you guys have any advice or recommendations?
y very quickly…is this accurate?
I am putting together a 24-month protocol that is aimed specifically at healing and returning to athletic competition after a total hip replacement.

Thanks in advance folks :call_me_hand:t4:

Yes, if you increase HGh secretion you will indeed find yourself leaner after a few months, not quickly. However, there is no way to target specific fat deposit areas.

The peptides are hit or miss. I tried a bunch of different combos and my labs showed no increase in IGF1. I’ve seen others get a nice response from it, so it’s individual. No harm in giving it a try and pulling a lab draw to confirm it’s working.

Specifically visceral fat, right? Fat around the organs, the dangerous kind of fat, but rarely the stuff that makes you look fat. Not the fluffy SQ fat that we often think of.

I say that cos I took it for a year at 1mg nightly and didn’t see any fat loss. But I don’t believe or have any reason to believe I have an issue with visceral fat. It did raise IGF-1 and my hair/nails grew pretty quick. Always had to get haircuts. YMMV