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Terry Goodkind Fans?

They are making the Sword of Truth series into a miniseries. Could be very… very good. Or terrible. crosses fingers


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Elena Stokes Russell Galen
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Sam Raimi gets Terry Goodkind?s bestselling Sword of Truth adventure series!

Sam Raimi, best known as the director of the hugely successful SPIDER-MAN and SPIDER-MAN II films, and his producing partner Joshua Donen, have optioned film rights for Terry Goodkind?s enormously popular bestselling SWORD OF TRUTH adventure series, published by Tor Books.

Having been approached by Hollywood a number of times over the past decade, Goodkind was never convinced that his 400,000 word bestselling novels could be successfully compressed into worthwhile feature films. In a meeting at the author?s home, the renowned director and producer instead conceived of a groundbreaking mini-series. Within two hours Goodkind was sold on the concept and negotiations commenced. Ten months later the deal was finally concluded. ?It?s a dream come true to work with someone of such remarkable vision, talent, and ability,? Goodkind said. ?Given Sam?s sincere love for these stories and his determination to only make great films, this mini-series will be a watershed event.?

All of Goodkind?s novels have been international bestsellers. Translated into 20 foreign languages, there are over 10 million copies in print. The SWORD OF TRUTH series began with WIZARD?S FIRST RULE in 1994. The 10th novel in the series, PHANTOM, is on sale now. The 11th and final volume is under contract and will be published in 2008.

Raimi and Donen hope to begin production of the opening mini-series, WIZARD?S FIRST RULE, within the next year, to be followed by ensuing volumes of the epic novels. The development process will begin while Raimi completes SPIDER-MAN III. Definitive word on the production will be available in early 2007.

Goodkind was represented in the negotiations by Russell Galen of the Scovil Chichak Galen Agency in New York City…

Niiiiice!! Thanks for the info.

I actually hope they will do some modifications though. Wizards first rule is by far my favorite fiction book, the second was not bad either, but the rest I only read because I wanted to see the final ending of the great first book.

well the mord siths better be hot

first few books were great, but the last 3 have been almost the same story again and again

His books have a lot of bad reviews and many consider him a very poor writer. After researching this, I can’t see the appeal in doing a movie based on it.

first book is a good read, depends if you like that kind of fantasy, it’s comparable to Feist and Gemmell, however he uses the same plot twists too often.

The capture and torture of the hero by Denna in the first book is great, however the sisters of the light slow the pace down somewhat.

extract from one reviewer

" The S&M aspects of their “relationship” didn’t appeal to me, and several group members found it extremely disagreeable, enough so to sour them on the entire book. This scene was unexpected and intense, but not - in my opinion - gratuitous. They didn’t agree. One person was extremely uncomfortable reading this scene and could only skim it. Richard’s encounter with the Mord-Sith may be important in later books, but I think such a traumatic scene should’ve been better foreshadowed."

big jessies obviously

He has a forum that seems to be populated by children which is a little worrying due to the sexual torture and rape scenes etc