Terrorist Attack - World Trade Center & Pentagon

This is sad…VERY sad… :***(

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Just talked with my wife, who’s watching everything on the tube. While Arafat is decrying these acts as deplorable, the people in the streets of Palestine are cheering these apparent terrorist acts. So, while there’s hell to pay, who’s gonna pay it? Who does the US now strike back against? We need to be careful who we unleash our blood-lust against.

Thnaks for the update, our office in central london has just been evacuated. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of you over there, lets hope the correct person gets punished, but this doesnt escalate into something worse. Does anyone know if they are starting to ground flights worldwide yet?

i’m sure demo dick can vouch for this, i remember reading richard marchinko’s book “rogue warrior” about what a joke airport security is and how it would be easy for a terrorist faction to attack…how the fuck could so many planes be hijacked, without anybody knowing what the fuck happened??? this is unfucking believable!!!

Does anybody know anyone who would have been in NY at the time? I just remembered that my dad’s brother’s wife’s brother, who’s an int’l banker who works in NY. He lives in Conneticut, maybe he hadn’t made it all the way into town. I hope he’s ok.

YOU CAN HELP!!! go and donate blood, there is a shortage as it is, and this tragety is going to make it worse…

An Arab journalist with access to Ossama bin Laden told Reuters in London that three weeks ago he had warned of an “unprecedented attack” on U.S. interests.

Bomb Palestine Now. Let no-one live. Bomb Afghanistan. Level everything. Figure out the culprits later and if it wasn’t someone from those two places (doubtful) then punish them as well. These places are worthless and should be turned into parking lots. All this time Israel was right and we didn’t listen. Many of my friends and their families live in NYC and now I am worried about each one of them.

Richard Marcinko has for years predicted that something like this was going to happen, due to the outright hatred of America in certain countries. And yes, airport security is a joke. He claims to regularly have smuggled handguns (on his person!) aboard national and international flights with no problem whatsoever (he was acting as an agent of the U.S. government at the time). On a side note, I work at a University with a sizable population of Middle Eastern students here on exchange. We are currently discussing how to ensure that things don’t get ugly. Cool heads are needed badly now.

I work at the Pentagon.

I didn’t even feel the plane hit or hear an explosion, which should tell you how big the Pentagon is. Odd too, I was upstairs walking towards the courtyard doors, then I see a bunch of people suddenly running towards those doors, then a bunch run back towards me, then it turns into a crowd.

Got outside and saw a column of black smoke but nobody thought things were that bad, even when we heard an explosion about 10 minutes after we'd been cleared out. Everyone thought something had been dropped from a plane or something, not an actual plane hit. Even driving by the side that was hit, it didn't look bad, just a lot of smoke. Then I get home and see footage of an entire wedge on fire and part of the building is collapsed. Geez. Right now I'm more shocked about the World Trade Center coming down, but none of this still has fully hit me.

I can still see that column of smoke coming up from the Pentagon and everyone outside looking at it. Feels really....weird. It's one thing to be looking at this on TV. It's another to say that you were there.

Damn yeah, the plane that crashed in Pittsburgh was not to far from me!!!

This is nuts. Thankfully my family-in-laws who work in WTC were voting this morning and not in there office at Bldg 2 86th floor. Over 50K work in the two WTC. This is both incredulous and unexplainable to our normal realities (we don’t live in a terrorist state). All I know is that we should all be thankful, stay close to loved ones, understand that traveling and scrutiny in airports and elsewhere will be tight and stay on our toes as this may not be the last of the terrorist attacks here.

My prayers and hope for survivors in DC and NYC. Let’s all give whatever we can to help the recovery (blood donation, money, whatever).

Sad, so sad.

Makes me want to sign up for the military. Sad and makes me extremly angry.

I’d like to give blood on my lunch break, but I’m currently supplementing with MD6 and vitex. Do you guys see any problem with this? I’m asking you because most medical personell have no clue. --Demo Dick


For those of you who can't get this info anywhere else, here is a recap as of 10:30am PT. So far there have been 5 confirmed plane crashes: 1. World Trade Center (WTC) building 1 crash & destroyed 2. WTC building 2 crash & destroyed. 3. Pentagon building crash with major damage. 4. Plane crash southeast of Pittsburg. 5. Plane crash near Camp David (US Presidential retreat in Maryland). There has also been an unconfirmed report of a plane crashing near Charlottesville, but I don't know yet if that is true. This is apparently a highly organized terrorist attack against the US - with each of these plane crashes being due to the planes being hijacked. Some politicians are calling it an "act of war."

There are still 50 US domestic flights in the air which are reporting no problems. Taking into consideration all of the planes that have crashed plus the 50 mentioned above, there are still two planes that are unaccounted for and are suspected to either have crashed and not yet been reported, or have also been hijacked and still in the air.

All US airports are shut down. All major US cities are on some sort of emergency status - especially Chicago, LA and SF. All US bound international flights are being rerouted to Canada. Most US government offices are closed.

At this point, no one really knows for sure who is behind this, so don't start pointing fingers yet. The Palestinian group that claimed responsibility earlier is now denying involvement. The Taliban and Bin Ladan are also denying involvement. It will take days or weeks to figure out who did this.

Since I'm trying to make this a news report, I'll refrain from commenting.

a good friend of mine from high school, works or should i say worked on the first floor of the world trade center, i hope he’s alright

This is definately the worst tragedy to happen in the US since Pearl Harbor. But the US has there work cut out for them. Something is very wrong when this happens to such a dominant country, and the Pakistanians are having a party.

If ignorance is bliss, you must live in a constant state of orgasm.

I found a map of Manhattan & the financial district is literally a block from WTC, as in next door. That’s probably where my dad’s brother’s wife’s brother would have been working.