Terrorist Attack - World Trade Center & Pentagon

My prayers go to the friends, family and loved ones of anyone involved with the recent terrorist attacks. This is an insidious crime and is truly unbelievable. What is this world coming to? Please don’t take your life for granted. And never give up the chance to tell someone how much they mean to you or how much you truly love them. This is a very scary thing. We should all take notice. And whoever did this definitely deserves to be punished.

I’m watching in CNN right now. I can’t even comprehend something like this. You don’t even see this sort of stuff in the movies (except maybe ID4).

I wonder how much protein is in a terrorist’s still-beating heart - I’m a little blood-hungry. That’s pretty much all I have to say.

The Palestinians or some group of them are
claiming they did this. -


insanity. surreal.

My prayers to anyone in the military who is on alert. There is no way we will ever know just how many lives have been lost - this is hardly sinking in. Quite selfishly, I suppose, I am glad my husband is out of the military - four in and four reserve ended a year ago. My pregnant best friend, however, her military hub has been put on alert. Dear God be with us all.

we’ve been watching the tv in our office for the past hour and a half. i spoke to katie at 9:45, she’s safe at home in brooklyn, thank God. to everyone who lost a friend or family member please know we are all thinking of you. i second the motion - make sure your friends and family know how special they are and how they make your life better… and tell them often.

Guys, I cant get online to the news sites, and have only found out basic details on what is going on as am stuck at work. Sorry but I am freaking the fuck out, please if anyone has any updates post here - i know im in the UK, but some sites in london are starting to be evacuated.

my prayers go out to the lives that have been lost due to this horrible incident. God bless their souls.

theres a jet in cleveland on the runway with a bomb on board. their not letting it take off obviously. There is also another report there are a couple planes coming over from england that are hijacked.

We are standing at a crossroads, people. Our actions could very well plunge us into the deadliest war ever fought. My heart goes out to the victims, families, and friends of those involved, but let’s wait on the retribution. We must know the details and let rational thought guide our actions. If we fail to do so, we’ll only drive the body count even higher. Justice, unfortunately, will have to wait until the smoke clears.

My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone, especially any T-Brethren that may have been affected by this gross incident, or chain of incidents. All I can say is that someone is gonna get royally fucked up by the U.S. 'cause there is no way in hell G. W. is gonna let this slide.

I’m watching this entire incident unfold now on CNN. They’re starting to point at Bin Ladin, hope someone pays for this. Lets all take a moment of T silence for all those who were killed and they’re families.

four commercial planes were hijacked, two were flown into the the world trade center buildings (90 passengers and crew on one, 60 on the other). both building have collapsed. one was flown into the pentagon, no info on crew or passengers. the fourth crashed outside of philadelphia, it’s ‘target’ is unknown. one of the women i work with heard from her friend who made it out of the second trade center building, and he worked on the 80th floor…so there were some lives saved.

My prayers go out to this nation as well. I’m in the military and right now we’re threat con Delta meaning that no traffic can enter or leave post.

CNN got a wire report saying that it was the radical ‘Islamic Jihad Movement’ that did it. It was because of the US’s foreign policy with the middle east.

sorry…pittsburgh,not philadelphia

I just got off of the phone with my friend saskia in holland…cnn there is reporting that there are literally parties in the streets over this in pallestine. i don’t understand how any people can hate like this… maybe that makes me sound like a ‘girl’ but i just don’t get it. and YES i know that the people rejoycing over this are very very few comparatively, but even the thought of ONE person smiling over it sickens me.

My prayers go out to all who lost their lives today. May their souls haunt and torment those behind this cowardly act for all eternity. -Alex

The news is saying this is the worst attack since Pearl Harbor. As posted, two planes hit the world trade center (150 total on board). The Pentagon was also hit. No reports on casualties yet. The trade center buildings have completely collapsed. Prior to collasping, people were jumping out of the building to escape the fire and smoke. This could be seen on TV as people plunged to their deaths! There are approximately 50,000 people that work in those buildings. No reports on casualties. Fire and policemen are working overtime trying to save lives. My heart goes out to them for their efforts.

Another plane was hijacked in Pennsylvania. A woman was able to make a call from her cell phone in the bathroom of the plane to inform that the plane was hijacked. More than 100 people were on this plane. Another plane is missing and presumed hijacked. There is a possibility of another plane missing as well. FAA has canceled all flights. Many states are on full alert. Many places have been evacuated. National Guard is on alert. We are also on alert, as United Way is the first to respond in a disaster. And to think, today started out great because we had our campaign kick-off prior to the terrorist attacks.

The car bomb at the State House is untrue. Military is on full alert. The Sears Tower in Chicago has been evacuated as well as other places in LA. The U.S. Banking system is still working, as there are concerns that money would be unavailable. The government is keeping the banking system going and money is available. The French have shown their support as well as the Palenstinians. There is a good chance that Israel will be attacked today as well.

This is a huge tragedy. We should all be scared and take advantage of every moment of our life and everyone around us. Things are going to get worse today, as there will be more attacks. My prayers to all of you if you have anyone involved in this hideous crime. Now is the time for all of us to bond together.