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Terrific Labs with One Glaring Exception

My Thyroid metrics T3,T4,TSH and Free Thyroxine are all fine.
Platelet count down to 285 from near tragic 688 last October.
C-Reactive protein low ( which is great was very high )
Iron High end of range ( was Anemic last October )
RBC High end of normal finally
Estradiol 20 in 7.6-42.6 range

200mg T per week, DHT could be high but last time I freaked out about that it was not high.
My T is fine no need to even look at that.

What is not so good is the kidneys again. My plan to halt creatine, lifting and protein prior to the test was only for 48 hours. My Creatinine score went down a tad to 1.5 from 1.6, not like before when I drove it down to 1.2 from 1.6 years ago by removing NO*Explode. That was a surprise but what got my attention was the HIGH Uric Acid, HIGH BUN. These were not high before. It seems the creatinine countermeasures were offset by something bothering my kidneys and showed up in the other measures BUN and URIC Acid. Dehydration is not a factor as the Creatinine/BUN ration was 17 on 9-20 scale. Liver came up a little bit but no big deal.

I am wondering if the switch from anastrozole pills that were crazy expensive to liquidex from research company is causing this. Clearly it works as the Estradiol is at 20. I may have taken too much when it first arrived. The only other thing I can think that is new in my diet is White Flood, Momenutum and Modern BCAA from USP Labs. I like the nootropics but the last 2 need to go because they have a lot of sucraloze in them. The BCAA product was not well received by my gut. I am no blaming my UC on Sucralose, Duke study showed it knocked out 50% of healthy bacteria in gut…for weeks.

Any knowledge about any of this irritating the kidneys ? I got 4 pages of labs that say all is well except for the kidneys.

I take Sulfasalazine which could irritate the kidneys but I switched to that back in August, a little strange for it to be an issue now, and unless I can ‘finger’ something else I will have to stop the only UC med I take.

Perhaps it is the Momentum ingredient…

Citrulline malate (CM) is the amino acid citrulline bonded to the organic Krebs cycle intermediary malic acid. Citrulline is heavily involved in the urea cycle in the kidneys, helping to remove the build-up of ammonia and being converted to arginine in the process which releases nitric oxide (NO). NO is a second messenger in the body, helping promote blood flow, increase nutrient uptake and a whole host of other things. Citrulline also promotes bicarbonate re-absorption by the kidneys which can help buffer against any change in pH that ammonia build-up can cause, especially during exercise.

Results showed that citrulline malate stimulates hepatic ureogenesis and favorizes the renal reabsorption of bicarbonates.