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Terrible websites we like to visit and why


4chan/sp/ - Only because I like to discuss sports there with random people. Very amusing but can get out of control with the rampant anti-European threads.

World Star Hip Hop - This is my "reality show" but on the internet. Its full of horrible music videos and fight footage. I know I feel dumber watching it but im so engaged and compelled that I cant look away.






I have a feeling this will be moved to SAMA before to long Token.




Maaaan I used go on WSHH a lot but apparently it gave my old computer spyware, and buddies have told me the same so I stopped.

I even linked to one of my favourite vid [not an extreme one so it's all good] here:



I wish I can quit WSHH but I cant!


Worldstar is definitely one of my private shames along with egotastic.com(nipslips galore) and collegehumor.com, they've been kinda lame as of late.




/b is lame as shit, much like all of 4chan. It's just trolls attempting to troll other trolls. Nothing humorous any more.



The most unintentionally hilarious site on the interwebz and tits everywhere.

The fitness board there is like watching a car wreck in slow motion, people asking if P90x will help their stamina for gangbangs and they're being completely serious... awesome shit...




bodyrock.tv. Some type of home workout website by oh my god is this woman hott. Also leenks.com always takes up an hour of my day.


You won't be on that site/YouTube channel once you find her porn videos.


Did you photoshop abs onto yourself in your avatar picture?

Because it looks like you did.


Please tell me her name. I had no idea she had done porn.....


Someone will chime in and tell the name. I know it's somewhere in T-Nation but forgot where. It was before she started doing all this workout stuff to my understanding.


Susana Spears.

I think she got the implants after her pron career.


x1, rrjc with the Eagle eye,


.................WTF?!?!?!?!?! well atleast know I know anything is possible at Zombo.com,