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Terrible Squats

had a small home meet this past saturday. warm ups felt pretty good on my squats, but once i got on the platform everything went to hell. i couldnt stay tight, descended wayyy to fast, and went so low in the hole i coudnt get out.
as you can see i know what i did wrong. but its screwing with me mentally, as i missed weights i can usually hit for a triple, and at the very least a double. how do you deal with mistakes mentally? ive been pissed at myself all weekend because of this.

Get in the gym, do your planned workouts, wait 2-3 weeks and see if you’re over it. Getting all upset and missing workouts won’t help. Doing workouts and letting yourself get in your own head won’t help. Just go in, hit your reps and get some good work in. Do better next time.

Maybe another thing is to figure out WHY you did those things that messed it up for you. Have you competed before, and if so how did it go? For example do you think it was an anxiety issue that made you forget your ‘cues’ and technique etc? It’s good you know what you did wrong, but it’d be even better if you knew why, so you can try rectify it for next time.

As for dealing with the mistakes, you have to try and accept that you messed up but that it’s in the past now and you need to concentrate on what you can actually do now to improve for next time. I’m sure this has been said before but everyone makes mistakes, it’s what you do after those mistakes that matters.

Wyolifter, was this your first meet?

not my first meet. ive done quite a few. but ive never squatted this terrible. i squated in the state meet a few months ago and far exceeded what i did in this meet. im talking like a 35 pound difference. I think part of it was my dad came and sat right behind the judge. i think it phyched me out because i wanted to impress him.

As you mentioned with you dad being there, it may have just been due to being out of your comfort zone. Without going into too much theory behind it, the optimal zone of arousal is key in sports such as power lifting. If you became too anxious, then you’re less likely to focus on the technical cues. I get this problem all the time with the novices I train, focusing too much on getting psyched up, they neglect the technical aspects. Especially with your opener, you should be focusing on cues and hitting depth and what not.

All I would recommend, is just forget about the meet, and towards the end of your cycle before a meet, make sure you have spotters give commands and what not. You could also get your dad or other significant people in your life to come to the odd session and become familiar with that style of pressure. It’s not so much the amount of pressure, just a different kind.
As you do with lifting, your body needs to be exposed to a stimulus to respond and improve. Your mind is exactly the same.

thanks jmallon. i think your right. im just gonna put it behind me as a bad meet. just got to kill it at the next one.