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Terrible Psoas Pain. Need Help


Suffered a painful psoas injury from squatting. It happened about 2 weeks ago. My theory as to how I hurt is that i've been trying to use a closer stance while squatting since my stance has always been very wide do to my longer legs. I wasn't handling any heavy weight at the time (About 60-65% of my 1RM x6x5, also happened on my third set) but once i opened my knees and broke below parallel i felt almost a pop in my right Psoas.

The rest of that day i didn't squat and just did the rest of my assistance work. The next week i just did a couple light sets of GM's and for assistance work tried to avoid any other hip extension or squatting motion (which is what hurts the most). But all i've really been doing for it is deep massages with a stick, some different stretches (dynamic and static) and some walking. I've also been on vacation this week and haven't been doing any lower body and it still kills and almost feels as if it isn't getting better.

Does anyone have any advice for me? possibly some things that worked for them? because i still wanna get as close to my end of the summer goals as possible. I appreciate any input, thanks.


Rest,NSAID's, and a very good ART or Graston's practitioner should significantly cut down on recovery time.


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yeah i agree with you. i forgot to add that i cant really pin point what muscle the pain is coming from. It's kinda hard to say which muscle cause there are so many in that region.


When do you notice your pain the most? Like what specific movements of the hip?

Lowering or raising portion of the squat? etc.


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Yeah this happened to me today. At the bottom of the squat i felt and heard a pop in my peniscus but still had the strength to get it up.

How long would something like this take to heal and what should i do for rehab


sorry for the late response. as of now it does feel a lot better, instead of squatting i did light gm's, low volume and i didn't feel i thing during or after the workout. so luckily it doesn't hurt that bad anymore knock on wood. and yeah as far as what you said about the pectineus not being that tight in the hole, i also have to add that i was using about 250 lbs. and i was on my 2 set of 5, 5 reps each set (beginning of my block training) so its not like anything was at maximal stress. but right now if i stand up, externally rotate my knee about 3-4 inches, flex my knee and abduct my thigh (all in conjuction) it hurts, but thats also when i can best get in there to massage it (which has worked great).


warm the muscle up first. (leg swings, front knee raises, walking) and then get into the area of pain with either your fingers or a massage tool and just apply medium pressure with circular motion. again im not an expert on this but its whats been working for me, along with rest and not squatting. good luck.


entering and coming out of the hole.


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So what would you personally recommend for rehabing this? Or is this something that just simply needs time?