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Terrible Prohormone Use

Hello everyone,

So here’s the deal, back in 2014 I decided to make an extremely bad decision and went ahead and bought some prohormones online. I was young and dumb (22), and I knew some buddies of mine that did it so I just went for it. Knowing absolutely nothing about those drugs, but hearing my buddies say that I would need a PCT I searched (prohormone Stack) and found a relatively cheap stack with three bottles.

One bottle was Epistane 18mg per pill, another bottle had M1-4add 30mg and Halodrol 30mg per pill, the last bottle was a PCT that had arimistane in it.

Well as I said, I had no idea what I was doing, I didn’t even know what was in the products. All I knew was that if took this stuff, I need a PCT to get me back to normal. Since the bottle said PCT, I thought I had that base covered. For 7 days I took one pill (18mg of Epistane), and one pill (30 mg M1-4add/30 mg halodrol). Then for 2 days I took 2 pills of each product, a total of 36 mg of Epistane, and 60 mg of M1-4add and 60 mg of halodrol. Then for one day I took 2 pills of Epistane (36mg), and 3 pills of the m1-4add/halodrol mix, for a total of 90 mg of m1-4add and 90 mg of halodrol.

So it basically looked like this

Day 1-7: Epistane 18mg, M1-4add 30mg, halodrol 30mg.
Day 8-9: Epistane 36mg, M1-4add 60mg, halodrol 60mg.
Day 10: Epistane 36mg, M1-4add 90mg, halodrol 90mg.

After 10 days of an extremely bad diet and “eat big to get big mentality”, I put on 22 pounds. That’s right… I went from 174 to 196 in 10 days. Strength went through the roof, but I looked like a walking water balloon. I got scared and quit the cycle cold turkey. I did about 7 days of arimistane PCT and that’s about it.

Years down the line I finally decided to research what it was that I took, and I’m finding out that I was completely wrong in what I did. I do have a bit of gyno, which I found out that I had it when I tried to cut and realized that my nipples always stayed puffy.

Now for my question. Could someone permanently screw up their hormones with 10 days of high dosage pro-hormones? Thanks in advance guys. I’m preparing for the heat lol. I haven’t touched gear or any prohormones since then. Not even considering it ever again. I just want to be normal lol.

Im gonna take a shot in the dark and say doubtful.

But your asking an impossible question to answer with any certainty.

The good news is all your questions can be answered with some hormone blood test tho!

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You know what I find absurd, the combination of hormones they use in these legal concoctions, like I saw one with

  • DMZ
  • EPI
  • one of the sarms, I think it was rad-140 but I can only retain so much information from seeing a label once

Doses were pretty high (like 20mg dmz, 15mg msten etc)

My coronary arteries instantly stiffened, I had three strokes and my liver ceased to process bile in the twenty seconds I saw the product (I’m in a comical mood today)

fucking four high dose C17AA + trestolone (very harsh/potent in itself) and a sarm because clearly the addition of Rad140 is going to give me that extra inch on my penis.

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Besides gyno, how do you FEEL? Do you have symptoms of low T? You could be fine. The answer to your question, if you are looking for a yes or a no, is yes. You could permanently screw up your hormones with 1 day of high dosage pro hormones. But you didn’t actually mention any symptoms of low T. You didn’t talk about having no libido, or having brain fog, or being tired all the time, or any of that. You just sound scared about the effects of a dumb choice you made. You’re probably fine, but you should hold on to that fear - it’ll help you the next time you get an itching to do something like this.

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I am assuming you are 25 now and this was 3 years ago? I’m guessing because you put 25 in your forum handle?
Plain and simple you need a male hormone blood test. Do you live in the US? if you do google discountedlabs and get tested. Everyone is just guess. You want answers go draw some blood.
Post your numbers here and we can help you.