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Terrible Facial Bloating....First Cycle

About a month ago I received a shot of 250mg Test-E for the first time at a clinic and felt awesome for a week or so…
After two weeks I started to pin Test-Cypionate on my own, mondays and thursdays for a total of 500mg/ week…
Also started taking 0.25 Arimidex every other day.

My facial bloating is terrible and I don’t know what to do. I am on a pretty clean diet and am wondering if I should just pin 250mg once a week, or even up the dose of arimidex…

Please help me, coworkers and friends think something is wrong with me!

Thank you~

What was the reason for receiving a 250mg shot from a clinic ? You felt awesome after one shot?

Are you trying to run a full blown cycle or TRT?

How’s your water intake?

My water intake is pretty good imo

I was on TRT for a couple months with Nebido and my new doc recommended a faster acting ester such as test-e…

He would only inject every 3-4 weeks however so i said what the heck, let me self medicate and try a cycle while im at it…

And yea, i felt great after the first shot …maybe it boosted the test-undecanoate already in my system

Whenever i start getting really bloated or holding a lot of water I take dandelion root which has worked really well for me in conjunction with drinking TONS of water

My advice is to just reduce the Test. dose. Did you already max out your gains on TRT?
Just do TRT and eat/train properly. Your Estradiol may be high, but AI’s like Anastrozole have their own side effects like decreased insulin sensitivity and decreased IGF-1. Just dial in a Test. dose that gets your level high, while still keeping Estradiol in range without an AI.

This should be the first and last goal of every TRT program. Period. If you find the right dose minus AI you’ll likely feel your best and have the least amount of problems.

Dandelion is highly estrogenic. It’s best reserved for women.
I’d opt for either Fu Ling and/or Zhu Ling herbs. They are also strong diuretics without the estrogenic receptor activation effect. 3-6 grams per day of a concentrated extract would work. You could go higher to increase the diuretic effect, but it may not be necessary.
-Fu Ling is also call Poria mushroom
-Zhu Ling is also called Polyporus mushroom


Oh wow I wasn’t aware of that. Thanks a lot man!

You’re welcome!

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