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Terrible Eating and Gaining?


I'm going to be heading to University in September, and I know that my first year is going to be rough. I plan on using CW's workouts (3 times a week) in order to minimize my time in the gym, for studying. I'm starting in a pre-med stream, so the workload is not going to be light.

I was wondering if it is possible to eat like garbage, but still take in the right amount of calories and 1.5 g/lb of bodyweight and build muscle? I know I'll get fat, but I don't really care. I'm not going to become obese and I'm fairly aware of how I look so I'll keep it in moderation, but I really don't think I'll have the resources or time to prepare healthy meals.

I have no stove, no microwave (one on each floor), no grills of any kind. I do have a fridge, and I plan on drinking a lot of milk, and continuing to take the proper post-workout nutrition and before bed nutrition.

I'm going to be getting my own house next year, so healthy eating can resume.

So is this feasible? Any suggestions on ways of improving my chances?


sneak a george foreman grill in your room, this way you'll have a good device for having plenty of good protein


What about a sink?

Are you not allowed to have these things or do you just not have them?

You can buy a single-unit range from some office supply stores (Office Max, Office Depot) for about $10. Also, walmart.com had a really nice mini oven with two ranges on top that would take about the space of a microwave for about $100 (don't know if they still have it though.)


There is no reason to eat terribly while at college.


Have you been to college without much money? I remember eating Raman noodles in my "restricted" microwave to the point that I will never go near the shit today. It wasn't because I liked Raman noodles that much either. It was because books cost me over 300 bucks...and this was after borrowing most of them from girls in my classes. With one mini-fridge, little to no money and roommates, late night meals were often Frosted Flakes or Lucky Charms.

I like the Foreman grill idea. However, I can't believe that anyone can stand back and say that everyone can avoid eating crap from time to time in college. Sometimes, it is either that or starve.

Once he gets his apt or house off campus, things will be much better suited for eating better.


Grills and microwaves are not allowed in rooms, with checks every week, so thats out of the question... thanks for the suggestions though.


Yes. You should still aim to get some quality clean food. Protein, carbs, and fat. But if it's not all healthy, it's not the end of the world. You will still gain muscular weight with a solid training program and a caloric surplus even if some of it's coming from junk. How could you not?


In that case, I'd say you have to do what you have to do. No since worrying over clean eating if its not possible for you to do. You know you have to eat to maintain (at least,) so I'd just take this time till you will be able to clean up your diet and concentrate of hard workouts to make the most of the calories you're taking in.


The kid is apparently young, going to university and all. While I'd like to see him eat as "clean" as possible, at his age while working out and eating like shit, he will probably be okay. Get a little fat, maybe. There are plenty of early twenty-something guys at my gym who are getting huge without juice while eating like shit. And drinking alcohol a lot.

Good luck.


Along with the above stuff. Do an author search in the library for Steve Berardi and read his "School Days I &II " They are all about college and nutrition and lifting.


Yes I have. Just finished.

You are extrapolating my original post too much. I'm simply saying that he need not give up all hope of nutritionally good food. There's plenty of edible and nutritional foods available on college campuses and I'm sure even moreso than when you went to college.


so does anybody actually know what they're talking about when they say words like "clean" or "healthy?"

P.S. add olive oil.


If you get a meal plan, than you can definitely eat clean. Just be very selective about what you eat, because it will be about 90% junk and 10% clean in the cafeteria. You'll prolly find your self eating the same thing, but youre not gonna get variety in a college dorm commons.