Terrible Cravings at Night While Prepping

I am on point the entire day and don’t feel hungry at all but once 9pm rolls around i get super hungry, I have tried drinking tons of water, having my protein shake with some peanut butter, and now Green Tea along with my protein shake and peanut butter, and extra fiber but I still feel like I am starving, i have also tried taking a HOT-ROX around 5pm or so but it burns out once i hit the gym and the appetite kicks back in, any other tricks i can try so i don’t feel like eating the carpet in my house? I also, am on a high protein and fat and low carb diet

Do something that completely occupies your mind?

Home projects
clean your tub
Rub your wife’s feet

I don’t know man, but if you sit and think about it for hours on end, and watch TV with Wendy’s commercials and shit your toasting yourself.

Bro, dieting isn’t supposed to be fun…But something that’s working for me - I’m really pushing it hard right now with my diet, and same thing happens to me at night. I go over to 7-11 and get a Double Gulp of diet soda. Seriously. It’s prob not healthful to drink that much diet soda, but fuck it - I’m in diet mode. And if you’re still killing yourself, then just go for a jog or get out of the house or do SOMETHING that takes your mind off food. Or, if all else fails, man the fuck up. 2-3 months is NOT a long time

I get hungry at that time as well.

You train hard in the gym and eat right all day when the hunger comes you just have to fight it because it is just another challenge stopping you from getting the body you want.

Try increasing whole milk consumption and more HOT-ROX.

I <3 losing weight and not ever being hungry.

Low(ish) carb + intermittent fasting = winning.

So, rearrange your meals, and eat at 9 PM.
Eat a steak… Seriously

Probably the best thing is to take your fatty fish oils at that time, eat a humoungous bowl of salad drizzled with olive oil and a LITTLE sprinkling of cheese, throw in some thinly-sliced red meat on Ryvita. The fats should help give you the feeling of fullness and the red meat should ease feelings of deprivation. If all else fails, lower the number of reps you do in your schedule (but keep the poundages heavy, whatever you do!)

But I think a poster above hit it on the head hard, dieting is NOT meant to be fun. We are built to fight, to conquer, to load the tastiest food into our mouths, to sleep without concern of alarm clocks, to fuck that beautiful cavegirl next door. Our lives are already hard enough from not living as nature intended, but sorry buddy, you’re gonna have to make yours just a bit harder and a bit more unnatural.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to chug a few beers down tonight to expand my 40" waistline. Really.

You sound like you would like the Warrior Diet, check out the forum for it.

Its a good read if anything

I believe if that is happening consistently your body is definitely telling you something. Only you can figure out what it is, just trying to tuff it out will set you up to fail. I used to be the same way when 9 rolls around i would start getting hungry. I fixed it by making my last calories I ate a real meal.

I don’t know about you but drinking a shake as opposed to eating solid food changes how my body feels. I feel more full after eating a high protein meal then when i drink a high protein shake, so maybe you could just manipulate that around.