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Terrible at Body Composition?


So recently I just got done with 2 cycles of superhero complex, and didnt see much result, I went from 192 to 182 and dropped some noticeble size, barely gained some strength and some leannes, thats about it.

I was thinking what program and diet protocol did you use that did the trick? Im looking forward for a bodybuilding competition, thanks in advance.


not enough information man thats why there aren't any responses.

Are you just trying to get rid of fat? or are you still trying to gain size for the competition?

If you are looking to get ready for a bodybuilding competition i think it will take a lot more time for you to get into the shape you are looking for than a short 6 weeks.

Any bodybuilder that i've known always bulks up so that they are huge as hell, say after an I,BB program or something along those lines, and is about 12-16% bodyfat, then they cut that fat for the contest.

so basically what im asking is, what are you trying to do here? gain more muscle? loose fat? or both?

maybe then we can help you out a little more