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Terrible Americans in War on Terror


With all the threads about how we are going about "willy nilly" torturing "innocent"
civilians, committing war crimes with WP, and randomly killing civilians; I wanted to provide PHOTOGRAPHIC evidence of the terrible things being done.

Granted this is Afghanistan, but I have been told this same awefull stuff is going on in Iraq as well.

I hope these pics post well.


This is an approximately 2 week old baby who had a staph infection that would have killed him. He also had a birth defect which we arranged to have surgically corrected, but the parents refued it (they bed for a living and crippled children bring more money).


Keep hoping.


A refugee camp. These people are waiting for food.


Distributing food to refugees. These people are returning from Pakistan. They went to Pakistan when the Taliban took control.


A medical assistance visit to a village. This is the first time most of these people had ever had medical treatment.


Another medical assistance visit to a village. About 500 people recieved medical care during this visit.


I have more pics Ill put in here after I get them resized.


keep being a self-righteous ass monkey


I caught an excerpt on Today last week which had some idiot retired FBI guy talking about taking our guys options for "torturing" prisoners away during interogations. His reasoning was that this made the prisoners more resolute and would cause greater retribution to our troops. He also stated that he felt it would be much better to try to "convert them to our way of thinking". I'm watching this thinking, you have to be kidding me. Come around to our way to thinking? A militant terrorist? And I'm sure our humane way of doing things will make those terrorist respect our human rights much more. Thanks for sharing the pics, even if the first one saddens me greatly. I have spent some time during my military years in that part of the world and Americans have no idea how a segment of the population thinks. Gotta run


Thank you for contributing. That is the most well thought out, well research post I have read from you.


What is the point of this post? That there are atrocities? Obviously. And it's tragic. It says nothing either way about whether Americans are or are not doing the right things.


Good work.


Sorry. I guess the point of my post was that while everyone is posting about the autrocities, no one mentioned one sigle good thing.

So, with a bit of rather poor sarcasm, I decided to show that we are doing good things as well.


Thank you. Please post another four or five pictures of...whatever the fuck those pictures were of.

Then, perhaps, you could post pictures of the 100,000 people Coalition forces have killed in Iraq.

Or, you could post pictures of the 9 billion dollars the Colation Provisional Authority "misplaced".


Or, maybe pictures of the 2094 dead Amrican kids who gave their lives in Iraq for...wait, what's the reason we're there this week?


"Health Check".


Free Clothing


Recreational Activities.


Another dead terrorist.


Saving American Lifes.