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Terrell Owens on Monday Football

Did anyone see this guy in the gym segment they did at halftime? Must be 2% bodyfat.

2%, LOL. what was the deal with his malformed abs, malpositioned rather. Baby arms didn’t help. Great shape, though. He looked “toned”.

I dont think that was a very fair review Jay. Baby arms? what picture were you looking at, he did not just look toned, he had a good amount of mass i guarantee you more than 80-90 % of the people who read this magazine. I personally could not believe the great shape he was in for just playing football.

He’s got to be around 220 and you call that toned.

(By the way…“BladeRunner” is one of my favorite movies!)Anyway…

3% bodyfat represents essential fat…so T.O., if not dead, would certainly not be playing football…

T.O. is also one of those guys that most likely has to work VERY little to get a PHYSIQUE like that (it’s another thing to be a world class reciever, that he works VERY hard at…)

Bottom line though? I was impressed…and could only WISH I had that kind of build!!!

I saw him last year in Training Camp. He actually looked a little bigger then than this year, but believe me… dude is both huge and ripped. Big time.

Making a joke, fellas. He is a great specimen. But please, 2% bodyfat??? C’mon now. And bigger than 80-90% of people here? That’s actually insulting to him. Try 98% or higher.

TO is an amazing receiver. 15 years ago, this guy would be a tight end, no question.

As a niner fan, I’ve had the benefit of watching all of their games, and believe me, he routinely punishes DB’s. He is bigger and stronger than any other WR in the game and it is a rare DB that tackles him 1 on 1.

From what I’ve heard about TO, he takes his workouts very seriously.

Keep in mind though, TO is a football player, not a bodybuilder. Meaning if he looks “toned” to you, it is because he has to sprint and jump all game long. There is not one body builder who could keep up with the endurance requirements of a WR position.

Too many Jason’s on this board!

Anyway, TO is jacked, no way around it. With regards to body fat, well I am sure that the 2% represents subcutaneous fat and was arrived upon by skinfolds. Yes, you do need a certain amount of fat just to live, but remember… not all fat is subcutaneous. The fat between your organs and other guts makes up most of what is considered essential. It is very possible to have your bodyfat come out to 2% with calipers. Even with 6 site formulas. I have seen it myself on several people.

TO the strongest receiver in the game? I’m not in the US, so I only really catch the odd NFL game when I can on ESPN, but I saw TO play and he looked very strong. What happened to that guy David Boston? I haven’t seen any of his games yet, but heard that he worked with Poliquin over the off-season and I understand he is built like a linebacker. Is he doing well?

Karl Malone claimed he was at 2% (best shape of his life at 40), before the season started. Paradoxically, the Jazz suck.

TO is an awesome reciever. The half-time report they did on home, with his comments re: Al Harris, got a lot of play in Phila. As did the side by side comparison of him and “Hammerin Hank Fraley” our 320ib. center. He’s a great reciever but yah gotta love our skinny Todd Pinkston who “fights” for the ball and and an old vet like Antonio Freeman who beats these guys with deception and skill instead of muscle and strength and has for 10 yrs. Oh well the Eagles rant for the day - Later T men


Claims of bodyfat percentages…especially CONSISTENT (i.e. non-contest) percentages less than 5% fall in the same catagory as 22 inch guns…

In case anybody missed it, he’s on the cover of ESPN the Mag: https:// m1.buysub.com/cgi-bin/ncommerce3/ ProductDisplay?prrfnbr=94131&prmenbr =45463&prcgnbr=47127

I have to back up Jason here and say that most bodybuilders at the elite level coming into a show will have caliper’s reading around 2-3%. Probably 2% w/ the 3 site and 3% with the 7 site. Of course, this doesn’t take into account visceral fat, but those are the caliper readings of a shredded individual.

Well, for the most part, it is much easier for an African-American to be more ripped and buff than the average white guy. It seems as if the years when they were in slavery affected their genetics for the better. Take a look at the NBA and the NFL; the majority of those athletes are African-American. Most good athletes are African-American with the exception of olympic lifters. I will acknowledge that as far as body-builders go, the majority of Mr. Olympias are Europeans, but let’s take a look at Ronnie Coleman; he’s won the Mr. Olympia title 4 times in a row! Have any of you ever seen him working out? That guy is an ox, and from what he shows he’s about as smart as one too. I think you can download a video of him pumping iron with Kazaa or WinMX or some p2p program like that. African-Americans seem to be naturally physically inclined. Let’s not shy away from stating the obvious.

Place giant can of worms under can opener, and apply pressure. Blaming African-American athletic performance on slavery? Darwin is rolling over in his grave. Plus, are African-Americans the only race to have ever been enslaved? Are they the only ones that have worked hard physically? Yes, this guy may be genetically gifted, but these guys work harder than most of us can even imagine. It may make us feel better to think that they don’t work as hard, that they’re lucky lazy slobs that are only there by birthright, or that pharmaceutical enhancement is the reason for their success, but that doesn’t make it true.

I think alot of scientists are moving away from the idea of race at all saying that the notion is scietifically unfounded. Drax (Nathan Say) said something something similar in a much more comprehensive manner ages ago. So maybe he can help me out…please… where did you/we read this???

Darwin rolling over in his grave. ROFLMAO! He may be indeed. That way, he’d be showing his ass just as other scientists are showing his theoretical ass.