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Terminator Salvation Full Trailer



What do you think?


This movie will be awesome. Bale wouldn't sign on to it otherwise


I'm very excited... I've always especially loved the Terminator movies. It was Linda Hamilton's body in T2 that first really drew me to the aesthetics of female strength.

Not sure if it will be weird not to have Arnold, and to have such an established face as Christian Bale's in the John Connor role, though. Hopefully I won't be thinking Batman the whole time.

That big thing at the end though looks like SkyNett incorporated the Transformers.


Any link that doesn't need Quicktime to use?


Caused my browser to crash...


www.traileraddict.com had it as well.



not so good quality though


Honestly, the trailer wasn't great. If it wasn't for the fact that Christian Bale is in it, I would guarantee the movie sucks right now. Don't forget that it is directed by McG.




...and I jizz...in my pants!

Although I go agree that McG sucks ass. I'm still trying to understand why he's allowed anywhere near a halfway decent movie idea.


I felt the same way about the director of Transporter 2, Lous Letterier, gettting the keys to the Incredible Hulk. That seemed to work out ok.

Directors are only so good or bad as the studios will allow them to be.


Where is Arnold?


I agree. A Terminator without The Austrian Oak? Blasphemy.


The guy is 60+ years old now. What's he going to "terminate"...a glass of prune juice and a bowl of congealed "Werther's Originals"??


Word on the street is they're gonna use digital effects to put him in the movie.


Dennis Wolf For terminator 5..

They (Arnold & Wolf) share a very similar accent.


Good point.


i lol'd


Hello,who needs Dennis Wolf when you have Roland Kickinger?!? He's already playing the prototype T-800 in the movie. I still swear he's related to Arnold. But Arnie also gave permission to use his "likeness" in the movie...and they're being hush on how they used it.

Dennis Wolf looks like Jay Cutler's stunt double.


but bigger and better conditioned