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Terminator Salvation Discussion Thread


So the fight against the machines resumes tonight at midnight. Who's seeing it tonight?

I'd think at this point it goes without saying to try to keep it spoiler free for a few days since many of us won't be able to see it until later this weekend. Use "SPOILER ALERT" if you can't contain yourself otherwise.


Not tonight, but I am seeing it at high noon tomorrow. Then another viewing of Star Trek immediately afterwards. I can't wait!


^ I hope you are kidding, because that actually sounds like it might be the plot of the movie.




That's funny. I'm pretty much on planning on doing the same thing. Not a double feature necessarily, but I'm definitely going to see Star Trek again after Terminator.


I think the machines have already gotten to your computer there, Mak.


That sounds too possible to be a joke. I pray to god you didn't just ruin this movie for me.


maybe you 2 should go on a date. I might go tonight


Yeah, no shit. I hope to God that plot idea is just a theory of Makavali's and he did not just ruin the movie for everyone. Because that would be a monumentally dickheaded move.

To those of us who attend the midnight screener, please write SPOILER before revealing anything.


It's true, that's actually the plot.


That is what my "WTF?" was directed at. I'll pitch in for tickets to New Zealand if this is the case..lol.


Rottentomatoes is giving it some bad reviews


I'm in.


It may or may not have been, so we've removed the post.

(See, Mods are Human too, not machines.)


He might as well change log in names if it is true because I am pissed now for even checking this thread before he deleted his post.


damn Mak's post was deleted, that's not a good sign


Too late.

Just Terminate him.


I'm gonna travel back in time to kill Mak before he made that post.


Shaka is angry.



You have to be a real dick to do some shit like that though...especially with the large number of movie geeks on this site.