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Terminator needs your help!

Hello recently I got in a argument on a online forum. Basically someone was complaining about how their breats were to large and that they caused back pain. The person was considering surgery.Many people on this forum encouraged the person to get breast reduction surgery.I suggested that the back pain could be aleviated with exercise and loss of weight and something extreme as surgery wasn’t neccessary.Basically no one on the forum believes me that surgery isn’t neccessary and exercise is the way to go and it’s me arguing against everyone else on the forum. I need your help, I need some evidence or articles from medical journals or anywhere that prove that exercise and weight loss can alleivate back discomfort due to large breats. Thanks Terminator

What size breasts are we talking about here? I’ve known some women who would have to diet to extraordinarily obsurd body fat percentages to come down to a human breast size.

Tell her to get her glutes huge! This will correct the “lamentable” imbalance.

well its 38 E bra and the person is 5"9 170. Is surgery neccessary?

:wink: Term: I can’t believe YOU of all people got into an argument! And on a breast reduction site to boot!

Anyway, I don’t have any detailed medical info like you were asking for but is it possible that you might have jumped the gun a bit to say that losing body fat would alleviate the back pain? You may have had more details on this person’s situation than you posted here so I was just wondering about that. It is possible for a woman to be within “normal” BF ranges and still have obscenely pendulous, pain-causing breasts.

Barring that scenario though, I would have to agree with you that strengthening the musculature and bettering body comp should be done well before surgery is seen as a valid option.

Of course, you could be a gentleman and offer to “support” them for her …

It all depends on how large they really are. I knew a girl in college who was about 30 pounds overweight who had the surgery because hers were too big. I don’t disagree, they WERE huge, but evidently no one told her the first thing she needed to do was lose weight. So she stayed heavy and had a comparably small chest.

That said, very large breasts on a ‘not-fat’ woman can cause considerable problems, back pain, etc. But the other problem is the bruises caused by bra straps. I’m not kidding, the weight of the breasts actually causes the shoulder straps to dig grooves in and leave constant bruises. THAT is when surgery is necessary.

The thing is, it is no longer PC to tell someone who is ‘mildly’ overweight to lose weight. Even doctors avoid doing that until someone is morbedly obese. My mom has been a nurse my entire life and she had had more than a few discussions with docs she has worked with about this… but it seems to be the norm because they want to avoid the other extreme of eating disorders.

terminator i absolutely agree with you and it is a matter of common sense. breasts are all fatty tissue. obviously if you exercise and lose fat, those will decrease in size as well. before i started training, i had nice full c cups now i am somewhere between and a and b. they are considerably smaller than they were once upon a time. also, all one has to do is look at every professional female bodybuilder. alas, NO BREASTS. there is a reason for that.

Just let this poor unfortunate woman know that I will gladly help her carry them around. I would walk behind her and bear the weight of each of the hefty mammaries in my large but gentle hands,…surely she couldnt pass up and offer like this.

At a 38 bra strap, yeah, losing weight would correct the problem. Unless she’s also been bragging about her lat spread.

A friend of mine was talking about her friend who reportedly went on a diet but lost no weight on her arms, trunk, or legs, but instead her breasts shrunk down tremendously!

Given her bra size of 38E on a 170#, 5’9 frame, I don’t think her tits are all that damn big.

Early in my pregnancy, I was sporting 36E boobs on a 130#, 5’2" frame (was 110# and 34B/C prior). At my heaviest (around 190#) they fell out of a 40E. Sure, that’s not comfy. But now that I’m back down to 134#, my boobs are doing very well at a 36D. Amazing that skin can stretch so much.

As far as bruising from shoulder straps, yup, it sucks. If you look at the people who have the biggest problem with this (fat, no muscle bodies) you’ll see why. IT’S BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO MUSCLE TO SUPPORT THE WEIGHT. Of course the strap pressing the fat down onto the collarbone is going to cause bruising! Put some muscle under there and reduce the fat and say “buh-bye” to the bruises. Also, the type of bra matters. If someone with tits that size is looking to wear the cutesy lil’ Victoria’s Secret or Fredrick’s of Hollywood stuff (and yes, they do make them in that size - mainly for augmented women though) then that thin, elastic strap is going to cause a lot more pain than a larger, padded strap. Hell, my boobs aren’t near as big as hers and some straps cut into my shoulders. Just gotta be smart about buying your bras.

Tell that whiny chick to hit the gym…

Where is this forum, exactly and how did this conversation just happen to come up? This kind of stuff never happens to me. I’m here talking about lifting while you’re over there talking about boobs.

All this talk about tits & boobs is pushing my keyboard up.