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Terminator fanny-pack/weight belt?

please take a moment to weigh in on a brainstorm: the gym where i work out doesn’t have any of those belt/chain combos sitting around for me to add weight for chins/dips, etc. I asked my buddy, who used to sew heavy-duty adventure gear professionally, if he had anything i could use. He set me up with this super heavy-duty fanny pack and told me that he always preferred it to the belt/chain set-up because the weight is kept close to the body and can’t swing around, etc. This dusty old thing worked great (i put two 25s in it - not a true test, i admit) when i put the ‘pack’ side in front and did my chins. Here’s my question(s): do you guys think that this is a viable alternative, one that will 1) work for me long-term and 2) be something that could ever be marketed? (i hope this won’t be filed under “promotional”, since i’m not selling anything) I appreciate any feedback you can offer.


fitone, dumbells at most gyms don’t come in 1.25 or 1.5 pound increments so a pouch or belt can come in very handy because most plates do come in those increments(sp?). KSLATS I think that it would be hard to sell people a sown bag over a metal chain, even if it is as strong or stronger. The perception is that a metal chain attached to a thick leather belt is much stronger. Although It might work if you had something with a broader use. I used to use a backpack filled with sandbags to do squats and I could hang it in front or back depending on what muscles I wanted to hit. Its surprising what you can come up with when your poor and too far from a gym! :slight_smile: