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Terminator 3

Much better than I feared.

Anyone else seen it?

I’ve been hearing increased enthusiasm for this flick as well as mixed reviews. BUT, I’m sorry. I won’t see it.

I’m saving myself for “The Pirates of the Carribbean”. This movie looks like a hell of alot of fun. Gotta like Pirates…eh, matee?

AND I’ve just read some very, very interesting responses from a recent viewing of “The League of Extraordinary Gentleman”. I may have to go see this one now. It doesn’t look like the piece of crap I thought it’d be.

Haven’t seen it but I can’t wait!

I thought the movie was pretty good. I liked the involvement of Claire Danes’ character as John Connor’s future wife, and their roles in the future. What I didn’t like was how her father sent them to the mountains and he said it was where they could deactivate Skynet,even though they couldn’t.
and Kristianna Locket(whatever her name is) is pretty hot.
I’m sure there will be another sequel, Im looking foward to it.

I liked T2 so much, I’m actually affraid to watch T3…in case it sucks. Ike, how would you compare it to T2?

Not yet but I dare to say I bought a certain Mag just because Arnold was on the cover and it was talking about T3

Dying to see it.

Have you heard the story that Arnold paid for the crane scene out of his own pocket (budget was already over)? Yep.

BTW, Patricia, I’m also really looking forward to The League of Extraordinary Gentleman. Connery in a sci-fi/action/horror movie sounds too cool. Come to think of it, his post-60 resume is getting pretty impressive.

The movie was pretty good… not as good as T2 but what do you expect, T2 was probably one of the best sequels ever made.

It almost seemed “uneventful” to me, and it was over quick. I don’t see how they spent 175 million to make it but then again, maybe that’s the good part; the less you can tell they spent cash on the movie the better the effects right? It wasn’t bad but I would rate Hulk way higher.

I think it was better than T2, it had a lot more suspense and exciting scenes. It also set up a sequel better.

I had low expectations after Matrix Reheated. Saw T3. Liked it. A lot.

Personally found it to be a solid improvement over T2 - better story IMHO.

Certainly does set the stage for T4 huh?

So far, T-3 is getting a 71% rating on www.rottentomatoes.com, while Charlie`s Angels Full Throttle is at 38% and Hulk is rather near T-3 at 61%. Time will tell…

Are you guys insane?

It was a good flick, but nowhere near T2.

T3 was essentially one big car chase. I didn’t really get into the characters like with T2. T2 was a far better movie in my opinion; check it out on DVD to verify. They should have resolved everything. It sucks there’s obviously going to be a T4.

T4 already being thought up and Arnold said we would love to come back.

I liked T2 better. i enjoyed, it but agree the characters could have been developed better.
I also missed Sarah Connor. I’ve been spoiled by some novels post T2 by Stirling. (last name)

I think T3 was superior to T2 because of the TX, who was 10 times better than the T1000. She is obviously better looking, she’s more evil,and she has better dialogue.
I think it was better because T2 didn’t change the entire Terminator story much, it only continued it. T3 added a lot to the story with new revelations from Ah-nold about Claire Danes character.
I agree it had too much car chases, but not much more than T2 had.

Sorry. Even though I haven’t seen it and doubt I will see T3 anytime soon; especially since they just announced the DVD will be coming out in November.

I agree with Ike: you people insane? T2 is still considered a milestone, a highly exceptional movie that combined human emotion, drama, science fiction, action with exciting new technology/FX. My god. In other words, while it was a sequel, it was a sequel that could stand alone as a movie. Alot of this is due to James Cameron. Who is a much better director than Morstow. And from what I see T3 has ALOT of similar scenes from T2. Been there, done that.

Cameron didn’t intend for the Terminator movies to be some sort of “franchise”. Which is why he wanted no part of this one. It’s too bad that Arnold wishes to draaaaag this into his grave. What, T4? T5? C’mon. T2 finished the story.

T3 better than T2? Egads.

COUGARRENEGADE: Better dialogue? Are you serious? She fell as much in the silent killer mold as the T-1000.

Im pretty much like everybody here on the opinion. T-1/T-2 stands alone, and, very much like the new StarWars, adds depth to the story but thats pretty much it – T3 offers No Jaw Dropping Revelations a la Architext in Matrix Reloaded. Good old Ah-nold is back in his classic role, but no surprises here neither. Newbies will find him cool, but all T-1/T-2 fans could find the character repetitive.

If they`re going to do a T4, do it in the full War period. You would then have time and space to fill with new characters, twists, surprises, etc. Heck, in the comics, you had bots of all types, terminators the size of kids, even robot terminator dogs for starters. They even managed to do a crossover with Robocop where Murphy was revealed to be the origin of Skynet. The Matrix Man-Machine war could even be paralleled somewhere.

They could pull off a subset of stories or legends all based in the future without upsetting T-1 to T-3, a la Animatrix. There`s enough room left.

Just my 2 cents.

I thought it was hilarious. I didn’t know I went to see a comedy. That was a good enough surprise to me.

I went into T3 expecting nothing and I left T3 welcoming a T4. I thought it was better than the original, while not as good as T2.