Teres Minor

Whats up everyone? Well i have a question for everyone. Recently i went to a PT, the subject being my right shoulder. The issue is that the rear part of my shoulder were the Teres minor and Infraspinatus are located. That area is poorly developed and the PT had no clue why. Now i ever had an injury so I have no previous history. So i was wondering if anyone has any idea what it maybe and how to solve the problem. I have stressed serious amounts of effort in trying to develop that area but still nothing.

I have had my school coach tell me I have a weak rotatory cuff and that why that area is like that and also that my traps take the blunt of the work.

Thankz for the help

What exactly do you mean by “stressed serious amounts of effort” what are you doing for the area?

Sweet, a chance to use my P&A class!

You’re aware that the infraspinatus and teres minor muscles are both: a) miniscule and b) located beneath both the deltoid and trapezius muscles? I highly doubt you should be focusing on isolating work on such small, specialized muscle groups.

The “rear part of your shoulder” you’re talking about is probably your posterior delt. Do some face pulls.

Just because a muscle is “miniscule” does not mean isn’t vital to optimal function. I could see how you might make that assumption though.

Generally, some of the larger muscles in the upper back tend to “take over” on most movements (i.e. upper trap, rear delt, etc.). You may have poor recruitment of these accessory muscles and hence they are weak and atrophied. Other muscles either dominate or these smaller muscles can’t handle it and bigger muscles are recruited to “pick up the slack”.

Ask you PT for some movements that encourage or re-educate the recruitment of these muscles. Just my two cents.