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Teres Major + Wide Grip Pullups


Do weighted wide grip pullups actually work the teres major more than shoulder width pullups?

Im talking arms about 5 feet apart for wide grip vs arms 2 feet apart


I can't think of a better way to damage your shoulders than to go that wide doing pull-ups. What horrible idea.


then how wide should i go....4 feet?


then how wide should i go....4 feet?

4.159 feet.


Wow. I certainly can. It's a pull movement so it's always going to be safer than a push. Yeah they CAN be tricky, but imo if you really want put your shoulders at risk why not just a military press to the back of your shoulders? Or plenty of widegrip benching with no balance work? Or a push press with no coaching and no shoulder stability? Or a bradford press full stop? If the poster is keeping his shoulders back nicely, i can't see the risk myself. It's nowhere near that of the movements I just mentioned anyway.

OP - well, yeah, i guess but it's usually a mistake to try and target one muscle with a compound movement. There's too much going on to really focus. There are better options out there if you're just trying to bring one specific muscle up.


damn all this time I thought 3.98756748 feet was wide


You don't have to go wide to develop your lats. A shoulder width grip is as wide as you need and will also keep you in the game long after your pals are complaining about injuries which they've incurred because they've done wide grip chins and other dangerous movements.


I am not talking about lats - i mainly want more width in the front double bicep pose which means a bigger Teres Major.

The only way I can see to really test the hypothesis of if doing them wider gets more Teres Major involvement is to do a mean/peak activation test. I already contacted Bret about this and he's going to do it when/if he rents the equipment again.

this is about how wide I am talking about but weighted


And you are under the impression that when you work your lats you are NOT working your teres major?

I see.

Best of luck to you,



No, I am not under that impression. I am wondering if the teres major gets worked more in wide grip.


I am of the belief that it does not, but even if it did I would never train wider than shoulder width, as I've already said.


The lats are involved best when doing close, supinated chins, while leaning a bit away from the bar.

Wider grips target the teres major more, like you suspected. How wide is up to debate.


I'm not really the guy to be handing out advice here, but I had trouble getting my lats to work on pulldowns because I didn't depress my shoulders enough when doing them at first.

So maybe leaving them not depressed as you would on a proper pulldown would rcruit the teres major more...maybe someone who should be giving advice could chime in here :D.


You guys really need to read the T-cell Alpha back roundtable thread.


Anatomy and specific muscles involved aside, IME, rack chins will do this for you much better than weighted pull-ups, wide grip or not.


IME, wide pulldowns (about as wide as my bar will go) after having done some form of chin ups or pullups (which I never go very wide on) work the teres mjr very well.

Pull ups (unless you are very good at them, meaning they are a joke to do with bw at full ROM) aren't the way to go to isolate that group.