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Tension / Weightlifter's Headache

Looks like I caught one of these unfortunate mother F’ers. I’m used to dealing with the occasional migraine but those usually go away with a night’s sleep. This one seems to be on and off since yesterday even after crashing out for 12 hours after work. Its certainly not debilitating like it was yesterday but my concern is I’m 11 weeks out from a meet and need to go bench heavy tonight. Any chance I make it way worse or mess myself up somehow?

Is there something else stressing you , are you dehydrated, when i did heavy jerks behind neck and heavy pulls i would have massive headaches if it is constant for more then 12 hour go to urgent care, did you up your doses on anything, pre workout, etc . A coworker of mine had headache all day , they wouldn’t let her go home, husband came in on nightshift, made her go to hospital had stroke, at 40 ish . If it don’t go away go to clinic.

Thanks Joe … It did go away and I was able to train normally last night. I think a tough training session on Monday caused it.