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Tense Lower Back


I have been getting some serious tightness in my lower back. On days that I do deadlift I almost have to lay down at one point and bring my knees up to my face. That doesn't really bother me too bad, but whenever I get so tense from just walking around at the mall that I have to sit down for a minute... that sucks. I do stretch a lot and my flexibility has stayed the same if not increased since I started back to lifting.

I don't really know what else I can do other than stretch... maybe eat more bannanas? lol anyone else ever get this.


Find a sports massage therapist that knows how to get into your multifidus. Your erectors probably need some work too.


I also have a very tight low back and have found that stretching my hamstrings helps a lot and sleeping on my side, instead of my stomach, alleviates much of the tightness that I have in the morning.


Yeah I spent a long time w/ this pain. It was becuse I wasn't traing my torso/abs as hard as I was hitting my posterior. Today I did Safety Bar Squats and after my last set I had to do the ole roll back and forth on my back to continue. I did some speed pulls which didn't help either. Then I went and did some heavy cable crunches and some wierd ab machine at the gym for heavy reps and my back loosened right up for me. I recommend doing abs at least one exercise every training day. It should help reverse your tightness.


There are several ways you can get relief:

a. pump up your abs before exercises like squats and deadlifts. this will take some of the stress off your lower back.

b. do reverse hypers atleast once week, go for high reps, super-strick form, and keep the rest periods short for this particular exercise.

c. you need to work on your lower back endurance, im sure you can dig up an article somewhere on this forum.

d. have you had any previous history of lower-back soreness and/or injury?

e. sometimes, it is a good idea to take a week off, just to see how your back feels without the daily pounding.

f. doing ab exercises regularly is a sound idea indeed. change them everyday, unless you want hypertrophy on your abdomen.

g. if all else fails, see an exercise physio-therapist asap.

h. i hope you wear a belt firmly around your waist during heavy DLs and SQs.


Lay off the Dbol.


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