Tennis Workouts


Cressey, your ownage knows no bounds.

I don’t know much about tennis, but I think Master Cressey just scored a knockout.

If the internal rotators are only mildly important, why do so many tennis players display rounded shoulders and forward head posture? Why is impingement and bicipital tendonitis rampant in this population?

Draft order was determined by the order in which people signed up. It took you a ridiculous amount of time to figure out how to sign up (unlike everyone else, none of whom had problems); hence, you did not pick first. I got Priest Holmes because I preranked my players. However, I was there for all my other picks. It evens out, as your second pick was much higher than mine.

Besides, do you honestly think that I would need to cheat to beat you? Honestly, buddy; you picked a kicker in the second round. Oh yeah, the Waterboys are gonna get dropped like a prom dress…

Who says the trash-talking is limited to the league homepage?:slight_smile:

You won already this debate. I said pros and semi pros do need to focus on interal rotators. But, here’s the thing I seen from a lot of weekend tennis athletes. Not, enough hip movement and worring too and using to much upper body strength, in turn muscling the ball over the net.

By the way a kicker is important in fantasy football sometimes. I went the none traditional route this time. Don’t know how its going to play out. Its anyones game though.

I played tennis for a long damn time through highschool I was ranked in the south and the top 10 in my state and would have played college except for an injury I suffered. My advice to you would be to work some aerobic systems(minimal amount), lactic acid training and agility. Runnning suicides from line to line is good excercise also Davies GPP recommendations are very good as well. Most of the power in tennis is derived from technique. Therefore play the shit out of tennis to the point where your body isn’t adapting anymore, then start with GPP, mobility drills which focus on the lactic acid threshold and practice certain techniques that are highly part of the creatine/phosphate system–serving a basket of balls. Also for explosiveness I would recommend core excercises and legs excercises for getting around the court. I strongly recommend a typical anatomical adaptation phase to work on stabilizer muscles on the legs and ankles so as to increase connective tissue strength, stability, control, etc. The hard courts can really beat you up and injury is real. There are also drills you can do like running the lines on the court starting at the far doubles line facing the net, back pedaling, size shuffle over to the next line, sprint forward, side shuffle, etc. Another concern for overall fitness might be muscle imbalances. My right wrist was huge compared to my left wrist so take the time to strengthen your wrists, perhaps via muscle endurance high rep excercises. To end this discussion, technique, aerobic anaerobic conditioning, and agility training should consume most of your training followed my training the primary movers, shoulders, triceps, legs, core, external rotators. My point is that I never strength trained at all and I had a 123mph serve in highschool and so did many of the other people I trained with. Why? Because of my technique, do you think you are weaker than any other female tennis player that can blast a 110 mph serve. I would hope not. Therefore, the strengthing for you upper body should be periodizd for injury proofing primarily and then strength and speed.