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Tennis Racquet Recommendations

I’m going to start playing tennis again at the age of 53 and I’m looking for a racquet to purchase. Do any of you tennis nuts have any opinions about the best racquets available?

Have you tried attaching a GPS to her car?

nvm, wrong thread.

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The only person on here that I know who enjoys tennis @Serge_A_Storms

I’ve heard most of the traditional companies have stopped producing them. You might say they’ve gone quiet. It turns out the were asked to stop the racquet!

Yes it is my friend. :slight_smile:

Wrong place to find tennis nuts but since I have an opinion (and expertise) on everything, I’ll give you an answer.

Just go to your local Costco and get whatever racquet they are selling. It will be good quality for a low price. That’s what I did and 6 months ago when I went to get it restrung at a local tennis shop, the guy behind the counter took my racquet and said “Oooh nice racquet”. I think I paid about 50 bucks.