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I am a 4.5 tennis player on a good day , but most days im a solid 4.0 . Now when my game is on i could beat roger federer cause he is just a 5.0 with a crappy backhand !lol

the swede








What did you smoke/snort/inject/huff before you created this thread?


My daughter is a beast at tennis and hopefully will be getting a scholarship. I practice with her, but I haven't played a tournament in years so I have no idea what my number is now.


Do you train her like Andre Agassi's dad?


A little meth here, a wig there. HEll yeah


what do those numbers even mean????





Damn Doogie leave it to you.



I used to be 3.5/4.0

now i suck... i just play for fun occasionally. Had a bad wrist injury and just started playing every other sport