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Tennis Elbow?

Hey all,

I have been lifting using “The Art of Waterbury” for roughly 6 months. I have noticed that ever once and a while i will get a tennis elbow style pain in each elbow. The last session i did cleans and after that my elbow was KILLING me. .

Anyone else have this prob… if so what helps nullify the pain and or prevent it.

Do you notice it from any particular exercises? Or just cleans? A technique problem is always a possibility.

Standard treatment should work. Ice the elbow immediately after training. Maybe consider some a light, higher-rep superset either before or after the workout of one bi move/one tri move. (It would be prehab, not fluffy/useless training).

A strongman buddy of mine felt great recuperation from doing Rubber-Band-Around-The-Fingers Extensions, a few sets of 20+ reps throughout the day.

You can maybe have a trigger point in you rsupraspinatis muscle.

T-C, I’m an older dude who has been lifting a long time. I actually was a tennis player in my high school days (and a lifter). I have had tennis elbow flare up occasionally in my 30 + years of lifting. This is what I do - nothing !! It usually goes away in about a month or two and I continue to lift through it. Now I will lower the weight on some exercises that make it hurt the most, like triceps pushdowns, rowing, or lying tricep extensions. I do everything else that I would normally do and it just goes away. It seems like it is just a temporary inflammation that always needs some time. I have never had luck with advil or other anti -inflammatory drugs. Just time. Good luck and don’t let it get you down !