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Tennis Elbow When Flat Benching

So once again my flat bench is being nothing but trouble for me.
When flat barbell benching (and only then) what I now know is tennis elbow flares up badly.
Now before anyone says it’s my form I know for a fact it isn’t (it seems to be when i hit a certain weight). I won’t deny that my form for a while after I first started lifting was incorrect but most people’s are at that point. Since i started lifting I have corrected everything that I and others can see wrong.
Please can someone offer some insight as to why I may be experiencing this? I’ve seen it said somewhere before that this can happen due to weak forearms and wrists which describes me to a T. Would this likely be the cause of the issue?

Do you use wrist wraps?

I stopped using them about 1.5 years ago

When I don’t use wraps, the bar sits slightly back in my hand and that puts all sorts of stress on the elbow which can lead to tendinitis.

Try the wraps, there’s no reason not to use them and see how you feel. Also do some rehab stuff for elbows. There’s lots of stuff on here and on Instagram.


thank you for the advice. I’ll give it a go.


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Many physio’s today are examining the connection between posterior scapular muscles and tennis/golfer elbow pain. Exercises such as prone T, Y, and I have been shown helpful in managing elbow symptoms. Sometimes without even isolating the elbow for treatment…merely concentrating on the lower traps and rhomboids would alleviate symptoms.

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I totally agree with Benny. If your shoulder is not working properly the elbow starts moving around to compensate. Making sure your scapula is tilted correctly and stable helped my elbow.

Here’s some more info.