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Tennis Elbow Treatment


Not sure what forum to post this on, so I'll try here.

I have Tennis Elbow. I was doing Heavy rows and felt it hurt. It's been hurting now for 2 months. I took a month off training to help it heal. Well it still hurts.

Any ideas or treatments?


Strengthen your forearm extensors…that will fix most tennis elbow problems.


When I had this I started taking ibuprofen because it’s an anti-inflammatory. Also, I iced my elbow after pressing movements and kept everything pretty light for a few weeks.


It’s definetly caused from Forearms. It hurts most when I try to squeeze. But what do I do until my forearms are stronger?


Had “climbers elbow” in my first DC blast, hadn’t done much direct bicep work for ages - bicep strength shot up and got horrible elbow/forearm pain on most pulling moves.

  1. Underhand/enutral grip pulling was less painful than overhand
  2. Thumbless grip seems to remove most pain
  3. Stretch forearms regularly, I was doing 4 times a day - the more the better I would guess.
  4. Strengthen finger extensors - elastic bands around fimgers and open them outwards
  5. Self ART on areas that hurt


Thanks Plateau, I’ll give a try.